16 December 2019

Feel Good routines that will rock your world

As life wears on, you often find yourself wondering whether it will always be just one problem after another, or whether you’ll ever arrive at a place of genuine happiness and contentment. Unfortunately, it’s not always clear... Especially when nothing seems to be going right!

You will have noticed, however, that some people in your life seem to be pathologically happy. Nothing phases them. They’re immune to politics, the opinions of other people, and their own self-doubt. What is it that allows these people to go about their lives in a kind of contented stupor? And why is it so difficult for you? 

Partly, it has to do with their routine, both mental and physical. 

Practice Gratitude

When was the last time that you were grateful for something in your life? When you think about it, it was probably a long time ago if you are a “glass-half-empty” type of person. 

Research, however, shows that gratitude is a great tool to increase feelings of wellbeing. The reason is that it helps people escape negative self-talk that makes the world a dark and depressing place.

For instance, it can be challenging to accept the end of a relationship. Your negative self might rage about the fact that the people in your life all seem to have great partners, but you don’t. You may worry that you have nothing to offer or that you’ll never find that special someone. Being grateful, however, means being thankful for being out of a damaging relationship or having the freedom to explore the world on your own terms. 

Always Have A Purpose

If it seems like there’s anything to look forward to, you can find yourself in a dark place. You worry that the future will never be better than the present and that the problems you have right now will continue forever, a depressing outlook. 

Having a purpose, however, changes the dynamic entirely. First, having a goal allows you to focus on long-term ambition and tell yourself a story about what your life will be. Right now, you might be alone and in a dead-end job. That’s okay. You still have tools at your disposal to make the future you want to happen actually take place. It might require sacrifice and work, but it is worth it because the result will be a life you were proud to live. 

The second is that having a purpose helps you to escape yourself for a while. You can focus on something external, like building a business or promoting a cause. You don’t have to look inwardly so much, allowing you to channel the negative energy you have for yourself into something positive

Once the results of your efforts start to come to fruition, you’ll feel better about the person you are and more confident about what you can achieve. 

Enjoy Positive Experiences

Positive experiences are what make life worth living. It could be anything from shopping for the best vape deals to having an in-depth conversation with your partner or hiking across a national park. Positive experiences help to take you out of the mundane day-to-day experience of your life with can drag you down and inject a little excitement and passion. 

Do Stuff That You Are Good At

If you spend any length of time reading blogs on progressing your career, you’ll often find that they extol the virtues of working on your weaknesses. The idea is that you need to spend time overcoming your limitations to make yourself a better person. 

Arguably, this advice is wrong. The most successful people in the world focus on what they’re good at naturally and then amplify their performance. Christiano Ronaldo is a great footballer, not a great mathematician. Thus, he doesn’t spend any of his time trying to figure out proofs to mathematical mysteries. He just does what he’s good at. The same goes for people in politics. They hone their rhetoric: they don’t bother practicing to become great anglers. 

Improve Your Environment

A lot of people are susceptible to the quality of their environment. Stark interiors particularly can create a feeling of alienation and isolation. 

If you live in a dirty, messy apartment, try tidying it up, adding a few indoor plants, and using some scented wicks or candles. You’ll be amazed at the difference that it can make to your mood, especially in the evening. 

You don’t necessarily have to make a significant change. Something as simple as changing your notebook or buying a new lamp can make a massive difference to how you feel. 


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