18 November 2019

How to work on your potential life 'blind spots'

All of us have our own blind spots, no matter how diligently we think we’ve worked through our so called 'flaws'. It’s only natural to have these issues within us, but luckily, they can come to light and be improved should you make that effort. It can take a little time, and a lot of error, but the willingness to try is certainly what counts the most.

It can be hard to know just what may comprise a blind spot in the first place. For example, there have been those who suffered as a workaholic or have grappled with sex addiction and simply thought this was a part of life, not something that they were obsessively taking part in. How can you navigate past those blind spots and try to find some normality, when the term ‘norm’ is so effusive in the first place? These are great questions to ask, and they can certainly make a real difference as to how we plan and manage our lives.

We think we may have some solutions in the following advice:

Assess Your Life

Assess how your life runs, and the things you take for granted. For example, it’s often in the little things that we find our flaws. If you find that a grocery trip does not feel complete to you unless you walk out with at least one or two bottles of wine, then that might signify somewhat of a dependance. If you find that you purchase the latest video games and leave them unplayed, leading to a large backlog of titles you have yet to dip into, it might be that you have impulse control issues. Working on your blind spots like this is often best found when looking at the minute practices you keep.

See What You Can Do Without

Conversely, seeing just what you can do without will help you figure out what you are dependant on. A week without coffee, to some people, can seem like blasphemy. But while caffeine is a real addiction, withdrawals amount to a small headache and nothing more. When you do without measures like this, just to test yourself, you can see what you may draw back from. Perhaps you can do without that desert in the working cafeteria. It’s worth testing, even if you take no action from there, as this will give you further insight.

Experiment With New Things

Experiment with new things in life. Try something new. Meet new people. Go out of your comfort zone. When you do this, you’ll be made aware of your personality, because it’s very easy to get stuck in a thorough rut or daily flow of life without ever attending to the parts of yourself that need fixing. When in a new environment, with new people, you start to realize just what those things are, because they stick out further. Perhaps you’ve been too dismissive of people, and meeting new people shows that. Perhaps you’ve not been paying attention to the details of a new hobby and that has been your downfall. When working on your blind spots, it’s always best to try and test them in real life situations.

With this advice, we hope you can further work on your blind spots, and through this process, realise just how amazing you can actually be.


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