20 October 2019

Laser Tattoo removal - an update

A few years ago i decided to start the process of having laser tattoo removal to remove the tattoo on the side of my hand i stupidly got when i was 18 and had £25 in my back pocket. It started with a laser session once every 2 months and my god it was painful. Like someone flicking hot oil onto your skin over and over. Then after it was finished, for 2 days after it felt like i'd burnt my hand badly on a hot oven. Not pretty and definitely something to think about if i decide to get another tattoo. It also costs more to remove than the tattoo cost to get, with every 2 month session costing me £21. If you want to read my previous 2 posts about it you can see what it looked like after my first session here and after a year of sessions here.

I had my last session in October 2018 Not because the tattoo had been removed completely, but because it had faded a lot and i couldn't actually see any improvement in the last 4 sessions i had.

So i figured it was time to update you all on where my tattoo is at now. I haven't edited any of these photos (either on my phone when i took them or on my laptop), i just made sure i was in natural light so you could see how it looks on a day to day basis;

While it has faded a lot, i still need a few more sessions to really get rid of it however, if i do decide to have more laser removal i will be looking for a different laser removal business as i don't feel going back to the same one will do anything further than it has. I've seen before and after photos of only a few sessions of tattoo removal which have been a lot more effective than mine were. For now though, this is my tattoo. 

A lot of people say they don't notice it anymore but my hand is still discoloured around it so it is still obvious to me but i can live with it!



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