01 October 2019

4 Skin problems to sort before you turn 30

By the time you reach your 30th birthday, you can expect your skin to have finally cleared out all the unhealthy excesses of the student life (one would hope, although the amount of wine i drink says different...). Ultimately, your body doesn’t stop growing as you hit 20. Therefore, it’s not uncommon to continue to experience unpleasant hormonal imbalance during your 20's when you think your skin should have cleared up! You know the kind; the raging acne outbreaks that seem to take over half of your face and leave you wanting to hide under the duvet for days. Not to worry, though! Most of these issues disappear as your body finally adjusts to adulthood. However, if you are still struggling with some skincare problems on the verge of your 30th birthday, it’s time to switch your products and routine to give your skin a fighting chance. 

Oily skin is not a fatality
Many people confuse oily skin with juvenile acne because if you don’t manage the excess oil production, you are likely to encourage the formation of spots however, It’s important to choose cleansers that don’t dry out your skin as it will only aggravate your problems. Instead, you want to feel clean without stripping your skin of all the moisture! Your choice of cleaning products is vital to reduce the risks of breakouts. But oily skin has a plus, though: it tends to ward off wrinkles because the oil keeps your skin smooth and hydrated. I have super oily skin which im currently trying to combat but i'd rather be a bit oily than have super dry, flaky skin!

The rosy cheeks that never disappear 
Ah blushing! While it might be cute when you’re a teenager, it can become seriously embarrassing as you grow older, trust me, i know. My cheeks love a good flare up. However, what you may not know is that a variety of conditions can cause that excess blushing. Your GP or a dermatologist can help you to address the issue, especially if you find that you keep blushing even when you’re not feeling nervous or warm. For instance, if small blood vessels are visible under your skin, your GP might be able to prescribe rosacea skincare products to tackle the burning sensations. Other conditions, such as an overactive thyroid could also explain your blushing problems. So despair not, there may be a solution after all!

Those dark circles make you look exhausted all the time
There was a time when you could party all night, and you would still look fresh the next day (oh how i reminisce about those days...). However, dark circles can become a regular occurrence as you grow older. Unfortunately, people with sensitive skin tend to develop dark rings very early. If you’ve been spending hundreds of pounds on the quest for the best care products for the skin under your eyes without any positive result, the problem may not lie with your skin routine. Indeed, your lifestyle plays a significant role. Filling your plate for anti-inflammatory vegetables and managing your sleep is a priority! Failing that a great concealer will help for the times when you just have not had enough sleep.

Stop acne outbreaks once and for all
Oily skin is the most common cause for acne outbreaks once you’re out of puberty. But it’s not the only culprit! Indeed, your food choices can dramatically affect your skin. Junk food and excess sugar, as you probably know, have been directly linked to acne outbreaks. But dairy products can also influence hormonal and inflammatory factors, and make a few spots appear on your face. You can test your tolerance by eliminating dairy products for at least four weeks. If your acne clears out, you need to start looking for dairy alternatives! There are loads of different dairy free milk and cheeses you can try so you don't have to miss out!

As you approach your 30s, it’s time to switch your skincare routine to products that help you to maintain your collagen supplies – and keep that youthful look for longer! What do they say - "prevention is better than the cure"!



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