04 September 2019

Make studying to get your degree much easier!

Degrees aren't easy to get, as we all know. After all, if they were, they would be handing them out like confetti. Of course, that doesn't mean they are impossible to achieve either. I know only too well that they take a lot of hard work, some great determination and a lot of organisation.You can find my top tips in the post below to make the time you spend studying to achieve your degree easier as well. Read on for more....

Get a planner 

First things first, if you haven't got a planner then it's time to buy one. Why? Well, planners are the best way of keeping yourself organised and knowing what work is due when. They are also a perfect way of working out exactly how much study or essay writing time you have left before your assignment is due in as well. In fact, planners have other great advantages too. One in particular thing you can actually try and schedule in a balanced life with exercise and rest, and fun, as well as just study all the time. Something that will actually help you to concentrate better when it does come time to sit down and do your work. 

Of course, there is one more significant advantage to using a planner as well, and it's that you can colour-code and decorate it to your heart's content! Just be careful you don't spend all your time doing this and not actually getting those assignments done! 

Go to a place where you can concentrate 

Next, if you want to make university-level work more manageable, then picking a place where you can study without being distracted is super important. Of course, only you know where you study best, and for some folks that is at home, while others do better in the library. I was studying from home and believe me, those Netflix boxsets are sometimes just too distracting!

However, those living in halls may find there is so much going on around them, that getting down to work with unbroken concentration can be tough. Luckily, there is a way around this. It's by choosing to live in a place like this student accommodation studio close to uni. Then you will have access to everything you need, but also have your very own oasis of personal and study space as well. Something that can make it much easier to concentrate and not get distracted by everyone else's shenanigans! 

Pick the right type of course 

Now, I don't just mean you need to pick a subject that you are interested in here. Although that does help as well! Actually, what it is important to remember is that there are a variety of courses available that can fit your life and needs well. 

For example, some students choose to go to uni full time and live and study in the same place. However, others prefer to attend their courses part-time. Still, others pick an online course model which allows them to study from their home, or indeed anywhere in the world. Of course, by making the right type of selection here, you can ensure that you attend the other responsibilities in your life, and live in the way you want. Something that can help you to have much more energy and motivation for your uni work when you need it. 

Don't just read 

If you want to really learn and understand what you are studying just reading isn't the way to go about things. Neither is just taking a pretty colour highlighter and colouring in large squares on a page. Instead, what you need to do is get active with your study skills. 

In fact, the currently popular theory of Dual Coding suggests that rather than just read a textbook, consolidating your knowledge by watching a video, doing a quiz, or even creating sketch notes is much more effective. It's usually a lot less tedious and pretty fun as well, which can really help keep you motivated during those long nights' studying. I always found that when i just read for long periods of time, nothing went in! So taking notes or making a flow chart of key points works wonders and you can refer back to it a lot easier to find your key information.

Ask for help 

Way back when, in the eons of time, University professors used to think that it was the student's responsibility to study harder if they didn't understand a concept or how to do something that was asked of them. Thankfully we are well past such Draconian ideas now. 

In fact, what many students forget is that the professors, lecturers, tutors, and teachers employed by the university are a fantastic resource for help and support. To that end, if you are struggling firing off a quick email or booking a slot in your tutor's contact hours should be your first resources. My tutors were always so helpful and often scheduled in time to chat via email or phone and send regular emails with key tips for essays!



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