29 August 2019

The perfect selfie doesn't exist

You’ve tried posing by the window to get the best possible light, but somehow it casts ugly shadows on your face. and somehow makes you look tired or older. Perhaps if you tilt your head slightly to the side and smile at the camera. Oh, God, no, that doesn't look right either. You take the photo from the top, but it ends up giving your hair a very oily shine and is that a double chin i can see?? 

So how long does it take to get the perfect selfie? Well, there is no such thing as a perfect selfie! But, if you feel uncomfortable about some bits and bobs then you're never going to enjoy seeing the results on camera. From your smile to your skin, here are some tips to make you feel more positive about your selfies: 

Me taking my selfie!

That crooked smile you hate
If you're anything like me, then there’s just something about your teeth that you dislike. Whether they don’t align in a perfectly straight smile or whether you’ve been struggling with yellow stains since the day you started drinking coffee, there might be a simple solution to your problem. Your local dentist could help you reclaim your smile once and for all. Teeth whitening solutions used in dental practices are a lot more effective than the DIY kit you buy in shops (and when done by a professional these things are always more effective!). Additionally, you can address alignment issues with braces – there are plenty of night-time or all-day braces for adults. It gives a certain je ne sais quoi to your selfies! I wouldn't mind getting my teeth sorted once and for all!

Oh My God, am I shiny?
There’s nothing healthier than glowing skin, However, when your skin begins to shine, you might want make like me and check to see if your skin needs hydration. Oily skin is a common issue. But what very few people understand is that you can’t strip your skin from its natural oil. Indeed, your skin produces excess oil to stay hydrated, which means that you need to consider moisturisers and other gentle and hydrating products rather than using cleansers that are too aggressive. However, the best approach is to discuss your issues with a dermatologist or skincare professional who can recommend the right products for your complexion.

a favourite selfie of mine 

Is that straw on your head? 
Bleached hair, heat-damaged hair, and over-washed hair (you name it, i've done it!) can lose its natural protein and feel dry. We all know the feeling of dry hair. It just hangs in a massive knot at the back of your head. Your split ends are slowing taking over and the camera seems to pick everything up.... Ultimately, you can’t rely on your typical shampoo to make your hair look healthy again. You need to look for an intensive hair treatment that can reinforce the cuticles and with protein and the follicles with oils. Hair masks are, thankfully, fairly easy to find in local shops and are a god send to my hair after all these years of dying and straightening it!

Shut down your inner critic
There will always be things you dislike about your selfie. It’s only human to see your flaws. However, don’t let your inner critic ruin the photo. It’s time to take back control of how you feel. You are beautiful, no matter what the little voice at the back of your mind says. In fact, if you repeat it often enough, you might even start to believe it. 

Plus, what you don't like about yourself in your selfies, others may absolutely adore or even be a little jealous of. So take a breath and embrace your face!



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