21 August 2019

Skincare - Things I've learnt about my skin

Me and my skin have had a battle since i can remember. While i haven't had the type of skin that gets spots a lot, i have suffered from severely oily skin since i was younger. I do feel very lucky that i don't often break out however, the feeling of oily skin 5 minutes after you've washed your face is not something i enjoy. 

I've also done the dreaded looking back at old photos of me when i was 16 - 21 and honestly, my skin looks terrible. It was all pigmented and looked mucky. Just like i hadn't bothered having a wash. A lot of the time, i could put make up on and within an hour it was all melted off - very annoying and not great for those throwback thursday's but it took me YEARS to realise that if i started treating my skin right and listened to it, it would get better. 

Over the years i've learnt a few things about my skin:

My skin is dehydrated AND oily.

For years i tried to rid my skin of the oiliness by using skincare which stripped my skin or claimed to make my face "matte and less shiny". Not surprisingly, my oily skin continued to be oily. I might even go as far to say EVEN MORE OILY. I recently learned that oily skin can be dehydrated, which means it lacks water and hydration. I noticed this because even though my skin was dripping in oil, my foundation caught on dry patches all over my face. After some Youtube binging i realised my skin was dehydrated. This allowed me to buy products that hydrate my skin and don't strip it of the oil (foaming cleansers, i'm looking at you!). My skin is STILL oily but i'm finally learning to deal with it and they do say oily skin stays wrinkle free for longer!

Picking spots will never make them better. 

The amount of times i've seen the tiniest ever spot on my face that no one else would be able to see unless they were within an inch of my face and that i could quite easily cover with make up - I HAVE to pick at it. My brain seems to think once its been popped, it will heal and be less noticeable and i will have clearer skin the next day. NOPE, NOPE, NOPE. Once i even give a spot a tiny little squeeze or an accident graze with my fingernail, it grows the size of my head. I could just never stop myself. It's taken me to the ripe old age of 28 to discover, i should NOT pick at my face because it always makes it worse. Leaving it, washing it and applying a spot treatment will do millions more for my skin than prodding it with my fingers ever will. 

Invest in good skincare

I love to save on items i buy (except i always end up browsing the special buys in Aldi, i mean, who doesn't?) but one thing i love spending a little more on is skincare. I used to think buying expensive make up would make my make up sit better and last longer but the truth is, it all starts with your skincare. It forms the base for your make up to sit on and if you're not looking after your skin, your make up will suffer too. In my experience i've learnt to research the ingredients in skincare and see whether they are good for my skin. A lot of cheap high street shop skincare lines have harsh ingredients in them which can damage your skin - exfoliating scrubs anyone? So i spend my money on great skincare (Kiehls if you want to know, post coming soon!) and my make up and skin look so much better for it. 

Here's my current skin (without make up - eeek!) One is just a normal make up free selfie and the other is just after a sheet mask - but still without make up! I've also included a throw back photo to me on my 18th Birthday (jesus christ) and a selfie of me with make up now, for comparison. 

Make up Free

Make up Free after a sheet mask

Make up selfie

The dreaded oh my god why did my skin ever look like this photo. 

Have you learnt anything new about your skin over the years?




  1. I agree with you, especially on investing a little bit more on skin care products! Glad you're doing something to take care of your skin, instead of just piling on makeup to hide the flaws. :)

    - Hazel https://dressmeupbuttercup.com

    1. thank you for reading! and yes, my skin looks so much better for it, and i even go make up free sometimes! x


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