28 July 2019

30 Days of Yoga! My Yoga Journey.


At the beginning of this year i decided i wanted to be stronger, toned and more flexible so after a lot of time putting off any exercise whatsoever, i decided i would look into starting a little Yoga.

According to the NHS website, Yoga helps with increasing strength, flexibility and balance as well as some evidence that it can help with anxiety and depression. So with this in mind, i started scouring the internet for Yoga practices i could start with to help me on my journey and i stumbled across Yoga with Adriene on Youtube. She does a 30 Days of Yoga programme as well as Yoga for beginners which was perfect for me. I decided to start with the 30 days of Yoga and see how i got on.

Now, a massive disclaimer here - i took a few months off the 30 days of Yoga when i reached day 20 so i didn't exactly do myself any favours! I know, i know - i really need to learn to stick with things when i start them.

30 Days of Yoga with Adriene is super simple. Her videos are on average about half an hour long - while some may be a little longer and some may be shorter you really feel that it's made a difference each day in that short space of time. She introduces you to moves like Downward Facing Dog, Warrior poses and a whole range of other Yoga poses. At first i had no idea what i was doing and eventually i was able to look away from the video and actually practice the poses on my own without fear i was doing it wrong.

The videos get harder over time to help you progress and Adriene throws in some different moves and poses to strengthen different parts of your body. I never felt like it was too much or that i couldn't get through the video.

Regardless of my 'small' yoga break, i genuinely can see the difference now compared with when i first started. When i did the first few videos i could barely keep myself balanced on my own arms, my heels didn't even get close to the floor in Downward Facing Dog, i couldn't reach the floor without seriously bending my knees in a forward fold and lunging was out of the question. However, i persevered (sort of, if you discount my little break) and now i do feel stronger. 

My feet are almost flat on the floor in Downward facing dog and i can hold my own weight on my legs while i'm transitioning into different yoga poses. I'm definitely getting there but no one ever mentioned how hard Yoga is. It made my muscles shake, ache and i've sweat more than i ever have down the gym, which must mean it's doing something good, right? I always look forward to getting on my yoga mat now and seeing how far i've come in terms of flexibility and strength!

I'm definitely going to persevere with yoga on a daily basis and see how i get on - who knows, maybe i'll be doing headstands in the middle of my flat in the near future! 

Do you do Yoga or are you considering it? 



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