05 June 2018

Getting Crafty with the Viking Arty Party!

I was kindly invited along to the Viking Arty Party in Sheffield which would be full of arts and crafts however, unfortunately i wasn't able to attend the event and i was gutted. That is until Jennie stepped in and saved me some bits and bobs from the event and forwarded them onto me so i could get crafty at home. 

I am the least crafty person ever but i thought i'd give it a good go. So armed with all the pens and paper i settled down with a cuppa Yorkshire tea and Hollyoaks on the TV and got to work being crafty. 

The goody box contained lots of pens and coloured card, calligraphy supplies and origami supplies. There was also a little bundle of sweets such as drumstick lollies and love heart sweets, which i loved! 

Firstly i attempted some calligraphy (and i mean 'attempted'). There were two sheets of letters that i could use to help and some practice sheets, which were very handy.  I had never done calligraphy before but  I was actually quite pleasantly surprised with how it turned out. Although i did trace all the letters but i can't get over how bad the 'R' is. I have no idea what happened there. 

Next i attempted the origami which was supposed to be a flower (i say supposed to be, you can make up your own mind). There were step by step instructions and it came with everything you need such as the different sizes of paper and the wire for the flower stems. I thought it went pretty well, the steps were easy to follow and i didn't get stressed once! Result! And it also comes with enough to make a few flowers so there's always chance to practise! 

If you want any information on the above crafts then check out their pages just click on the word to take you to their page;- Origami  Calligraphy . Here's a link to the blog post Viking did about the arty party! Have a browse at what happened on the day! 

I had a great time getting crafty at home and a big thank you to Jennie (check out her blog here) for saving me some goodies to practice with! 



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