21 March 2017

Mothers Day 2017 at Lush!

Mother's Day is fast approaching for the UK - It's at the end of this week on Sunday 26th March so i hope you're all looking for something extra special to pamper all your mothers with this weekend. Recently, Lush Meadowhall invited me down to their store on a quiet Sunday evening to have a nosey at their new Mother's Day products and guess what? I LOVE THEM. Cue buying everything with the intention of gifting them and then slowly but surely using them while i tell myself i'll definitely pick up something else for Mother's Day. Yeah. Sure. 

My favourite product as part of the Mother's Day range is little Scrubee. One because it's a bee. Two because it's absolutely adorable and three because it smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling super soft as it exfoliates and moisturises at the same time. Although, i don't think i could bring myself to use it, it's too cute! I had a hand and arm massage using this product and a shower gel from the easter range (more on that coming soon...) and it was the nicest body scrub i've used. Not too harsh on my sensitive pale skin. 

The Yummy Mummy shower gel was another favourite of mine from the range this year. It's purple, which i love love love and it smells so sweet and floral. I'm all for a sweet smelling shower gel, especially if the smell stays with you all day. 

One of the many things i love about Lush is the gift sets they do around different occasions and i love surprising my mum with a Lush gift set however, she always seems to stash them and never use them so i'm thinking of something different this year. The gift sets are always good value for money and contain some of their most coveted products ranging from bath bombs to soaps and shower gels. Not only that but they smell amazing and look stunning!They range from £12.50 all the way up to £69.95 depending on budget or you can buy a knot wrap to wrap a few products up yourself. 

There are so many more amazing products in the Mother's Day range to choose from that i loved too such as the Pink Custard shower jelly (which wobbles so much it's so fun to play with), the 'Mum' bath bomb (which smells like lemon, orange and rose - a great combination) and some amazing flowery knot wraps to wrap them all up in!

Will you be buying any of this years Mother's Day range from Lush?



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