28 March 2017

KIKO Milano Make Up Masterclass: Sheffield

Make up is not my forte. I am the kind of girl who slings on some foundation and mascara and i'm pretty happy with that - even if it has all slipped off my oily face by about lunchtime - so when i was invited to KIKO Milano for the evening by Sheffield's Alive After Five team for a masterclass in all things make up i was super excited. 

The super talented ladies that worked there were showing us all different techniques by applying a full face of make up on someone and talking us through the process at the same time. Throughout it i learnt that concealer is your best friend and if you make a mistake, fix it with concealer. This is definitely something i always forget and can often be found just removing it all and starting again. 

We were shown a neutral smokey eye with orange-y shades of brown and on the other side we were shown a black and green smokey eye with an amazing eyeliner flick - the trick is to do a tiny line and then wet a thin make up brush and a drag it through the line, creating a longer and more precise flick - and then fix with concealer if you go wrong! This technique for eyeliner is something i've tried since and it definitely makes things easier for me. Result!

Contouring was also something we were also showed how to do however, you can show me all the techniques in the world and i will still not be able to do it. Or look any good in it for that matter. So let's leave that at that. 

Once the masterclass was finished i had a browse around the store. I was familiar with the KIKO Milano brand but had never really had chance to have a look at the products they do. They range from Foundation and Mascara to Face Masks and Fixing Sprays. Something for everyone i think. They had a lot of things on sale and so i picked up a face mask, an eyebrow pen and some fixing spray - if you've read any of my other skincare or make up posts you will know my make up had a tendency to disappear. I was pleasantly surprised by the price with all 3 of those costing me £14 approximately. They do have a lot of things on sale which are really good and super cheap so i might have to have a browse next time i'm looking to treat myself! 



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