06 January 2017

The City Girls Event | Sheffield

This post is late. So so so so very late and for that i apologise. I have been a bad bad blogger but i love blogging too much to put it off any longer (have i said blog too much, it doesn't feel like a word anymore?!). At the beginning of December i was invited along to The City Girls event in Sheffield at none other than the amazing space that is the Virgin Money Lounge. OH THE INTERIOR OF THIS BANK IS EVERYTHING I DREAM OF. That is all.

On arrival we were greeted by the ladies with a lovely glass of Bucks Fizz and were given a run down of the event. There were a few different things to do and lots of amazing food on offer too - lots of hummus. I feel like hummus doesn't get enough credit. It's bloody amazing.

A couple of the lovely ladies from The Body Shop were there to show us some of the goodies they have in store - including MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE HAND CREAM even though i've only had it for a month but you know - All. Time. Favourite = The spiced apple hand cream. It makes my hand smell like christmas and i love it. They did make overs as well as showcasing some amazing things you could pick up as gifts (for yourself obviously - treat yo self). I had a lovely time talking to these ladies and discussing all things Body Shop!

There were some lovely ladies from Harrison Camera shop in Sheffield also who were showcasing some of their tripods and lights and showing you how it can improve your photography. I left knowing that i absolutely need some artificial light in my life because my flat doesn't have very many windows which let in light and these dark evenings are the worst!

There was also a cupcake decorating and gift tag making master class by Rebecca from LovefromRebecca. I loved using the piping bags to decorate cupcakes and i feel like i am going to have to give this another go in the future. I usually stick to rocky road but i feel like i'm confident enough to branch out into cupcakes now. I also used the gift tags i made on my christmas presents and i learnt that making your own gift tags is both more affordable and a massive amount of fun. I loved being creative at things i felt good at!

There was also some wax melts provided by the Sheffield Candle Company and i must say, my christmas smelling wax melts have stolen my heart. Wax melts are now my life. I'd also bought some of their candles earlier in the day as gifts.

At the end of the event there was a raffle and i won a little eyebrow kit by Benefit but all the raffles prizes were so good i would have been happy with anything! I really really loved this event and i'm super excited to attend more in the future!

We all got a lovely goodie bag to head home with filled with tea, bath melts and body lotion! A big thank you to Tarnya, Aimee, Lucy and Becki for putting the event on and for inviting me!

Here are some pictures from the day!...



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