15 January 2017

Life Update | January 2017

Hello, It's been a while. 

I am one of those people who get into the habit of blogging and loving it and then i get too busy and i neglect my blog for a while, forgetting how much i enjoy writing and taking photos. 2017 saw me promise myself that i would try to blog regularly but to also keep up to date with everything else going on with my life. Work, University and life in general. I needed to remember to give myself time to eat properly, to relax a little and to de stress but also to kick butt at university work and get myself through my working day without the help of several hundred cups of coffee. 

I'm doing well. Even if i do say so myself. 


I've been writing (kind of) consistently for my blog and i've tried to write down ideas for posts and give myself time to actually write them. I'm not the sort of person to spend hours writing and going over everything i've written and changing it. I tend to write as i think, read it over and think 'fuck it, that will do'. I've been taking photos of things that interest me and thinking up posts around that too, rather than write the post and take photos accordingly. I'm finding new things to write about that way as well, which is always a bonus. I've completed two posts today, which is somewhat of a massive deal for me!


Since making my plan for study a few weeks back as a New Year's Resolution, i've been managing to stick to the timings and i'm actually only half a week behind. That for me, is fantastic because let's face it, i'm the laziest person going and always always always leave things until the last minute. I'm still super nervous about this module of study as i can feel myself slowly slipping in terms of how well i'm doing but i'm trying not to let that put me off. I CAN DO THIS (this is me trying to convince myself). 


I only went and passed my bloody driving test. So nervous and worried about actually getting a car and driving it on my own but sometimes i look at people and think, well if you can do it so can i. I don't want to say too much about it as i wanted to do a separate post on what to expect etc just in case anyone is interested! It's always nice to read about other people's experiences i think. 

Everything Else

I've definitely been getting more into Pinterest lately and i often find myself scrolling through, creating boards and finding inspiration for my hair, clothes and health. You can follow me there by clicking here!  

I'm also a very very keen instagrammer at the moment and after recently switching to a business Instagram page, it's amazing to see the interaction with your photos and profile. It's great to look back at old photos and see how far i've come with taking pictures. I'm still not brilliant but i'm getting there! You can have a nosey at my Instagram here! 

I'm also trying to sort my nails out - i think a combination of bad diet and alcohol has ruined them over christmas and new year and the cold weather doesn't help either! They start to chip and peel and it makes me sad. So i'm trying a new nail strengthener out in the hopes i will have long, strong and beautiful nails shortly. Here's hoping!

What have you been up to lately?



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  1. Looking forward to the driving test post! I think I'm going to (finally) learn when I move to New Zealand in July :)


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