03 January 2017

Hello 2017.

This year, i have only given myself one resolution. To be selfish. Not in the sense that no one but me matters at all (but seriously, i am pretty great) but in the sense that i need more 'me' time. Here's why;

I read something the other week that made me stop and think. It said something along the lines of...

'Yes, by all means have a long hot bath with candles, put a face mask on and watch a couple of youtube videos but also remember to have a healthy snack, drink a little more water every day and get enough sleep'. 

This really hit me. I always thought that looking after myself meant having time to myself to have a little pamper but i've realised that it really doesn't. Looking back over 2016, there have been countless times that i've been feeling a little under the weather so i've grabbed a hot cup of tea and had a bath yet, didn't treat myself to a good night's sleep and decided to sleep in only on weekends. I always reached for the chocolate and sugary drinks instead of water and do you know what? It made me feel worse. I often complained my skin was horrible (which i am currently still doing at the moment, thanks 2016!) or that i was tired and had headaches.

 So this year is all about ME.ME.ME. 

I am going to drink more water, stick to a skincare routine & stop complaining about my skin being awful. 

I am going to treat myself to early nights when i definitely need them and stop thinking i'm going to miss out on everything. 

I am going to plan meals better, enjoy cooking them and stop worrying that i'm spending too much on takeaways. 

I am going to organise my time better so i don't run myself down and stress myself out juggling university, work, blogging and a social life. 

I'm not going to stick to rigorous resolutions. I don't want to have to be thinking every day 'did i remember to do that?' or being annoyed with myself because i haven't achieved a daily target. I'm doing little things every so often, for me. Don't get me wrong i admire people who make loads of resolutions and stick to them all year - i've tried this and i am not that type of girl. 

Let's see how 2017 goes....

Happy New Year. 



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