17 December 2016

The Fratellis - Costello Music 10th Anniversary Tour | Sheffield

02 academy sheffield
If you were not already aware, i recently went to watch The Fratellis Costello Music 10th anniversary tour. BOY WAS I EXCITED. I remember the Costello Music album coming out 10 years ago and i still remember all the songs. I even went to see them tour the same album 8 years ago at the 02 Academy in Sheffield as well. So when i saw there were still tickets available for their Sheffield dates, i jumped at the chance to go. 

On arrival me & Owain headed to the bar for some drinks, both telling ourselves we weren't going to drink as it was a Thursday night and we were both not in the mood for alcohol. We walked away from the bar with a pint of Heineken and a Guinness. We are terrible. 

One of the first things i noticed was how many younger people there were at the gig -14 and 15 year olds, who would have been 4/5 years old when this album first came out! Talk about making me feel old! We found ourselves a little space at the side where i could comfortably see because i'm a short arse and we settled in to wait for the main event. We listened to the support act but no where actually told us who they were and i cannot find it anywhere! They were pretty good and it was just the right kind of music to have a chill out too before The Fratellis. 

Once The Fratellis took to the stage the atmosphere and mood changed. Everyone became so energetic. They played my favourite songs as well as the classics - Chelsea Dagger, Ole Black and Blue Eyes, Whistle for the Choir and i could go on and on telling you all the songs on that album that i love. People danced and jumped about and i didn't get elbowed in the face or anything so overall it was quite a successful evening. 

We left just before the end as they were playing songs i didn't know (and quite frankly, being out on a school night was just exhausting) and headed home. I left feeling it was just as fun as 8 years ago and has definitely reignited my love for The Fratellis again! 


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