16 November 2016

7 Facts about Me.

Having not posted in ages makes me feel so bad. I've been so busy with studying and working that i haven't had time to sit down and write a post. Then the gorgeous Amy over at From A Hart tagged me to write 7 facts about me so i figured this was my chance to get writing again. 

It's been a while since i shared any random facts about myself and if you're anything like me, i love a good nosey into what people love and what makes people tick. I feel like i'm getting to know the person so much more than general conversation. 

So, here goes...

1) I have only ever hiccuped once and never more than that. So i guess you could say i've never actually had the hiccups. I get one and then they go away! 

2) I am in love with the colour Yellow. It's my ultimate favourite colour. It makes me happy and lifts my mood. Give me something yellow and it makes my day. 

3) I don't like buying sets of mugs, i have to buy them separately and they have to be pretty. I have a large collection of mugs. Disney ones, Ikea ones, so many yellow ones. It's an obsession of mine. 

4) I went for about 6 years hating pizza - and then i realised how wrong i really was. The story here is that i got very very very drunk when i was 16 and i'd been eating pizza that night. Painful memories, especially waking up at 16 with the worlds worst hangover and thinking i'm definitely dying and only being able to remember pizza. Don't worry though, i'm catching up on all those missed years of pizza!

5) Sometimes i'm a terrible friend. This is something i hate about myself. I'm rubbish at replying to people and sometimes it means i go weeks or sometimes months without having a proper conversation. Yes, i suck but i'm trying to be better! 

6) I'm a night owl. Hoot Hoot. I can stay up until the early hours of the morning, even if i've been awake since ridiculously early. I've always been like this and it can get annoying, especially when i'm at work early the next morning. 

7) I have Misophonia. For those who don't know it's when certain sounds trigger severe negative reactions. For me, it's being able to hear sounds while i'm trying to sleep. My upstairs neighbours often walk around in their flat all night (i am unsure if they are nocturnal or just plan rude) and i can hear their TV and when they turn on their tap and it sends me into a complete breakdown sometimes. I have screamed and shouted and cried and often had to sleep in a different room.  I cannot wait until i buy a house and have somewhere quiet to sleep. 

So, the point of this is to nominate others to do it to, so if you're reading this - i nominate you! Let me know if you do it so i can be nosey and learn more about you too!


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