24 July 2016

Sunday Reading #1

Last week i decided that i would start reading again for pleasure. Ever since starting my Open University course everything i've read has been educational or for study reasons. I used to love reading and there's so many books that have been on my list to read for so long and i never got round to it. I've decided now that every Sunday i will pick up a book and read so at least for one day a week, i'm doing something that i enjoy again. 

Last week i read "Just The Way You Are" by Lynsey James. A cute romance story where Ava, the main character has been receiving love letters from a strange while at university and suddenly before they decided to meet, they stopped. Fast forward 6 years later and they've started again and Ava is determined this time to find out who this mysterious writer is. 

I read this book in a day because i made a guess as to who the mysterious writer was a couple of chapters in and needed to see if i was correct. Turns out i was. I'm not going to ruin it for you but it was very obvious from the get go. I can't decide if the premise of the book was to make you curious about who the writer is or the relationship between Ava and the writer when she finds out. 

All in all, it was an interesting book. Good enough to keep me interested enough to read it all in one sitting. There were even moments where i laughed out loud or compared certain situations to my own life - which is always a bonus for me in a book because i feel more connected to the story but it wasn't really a memorable book. Mostly filled with cliches about love and friendships and a little predictable at times. 

This week i'm starting "Behind Closed Doors" by B A Paris. 

Have you read Just The Way You Are? What did you think?


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  1. I love books that you can't put down! I recently read The Girl on the Train and really enjoyed it :)


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