13 July 2016

Sharing The Love

This week i've been stalking some bloggers who's blogs i haven't read in a while. Let's face it, i haven't read any blogs in a while (oops) so i figured let's share some love because there has been so many posts i've read lately in my little blogging comeback that have made me laugh out loud and some that have got me all emotional. I figured the world needed some more love being shared so here we go;

This post by Nicole actually made me laugh out loud while reading it. So many good memories of primary school that i never really thought about until reading a post like this. Remembering sitting on the benches at the back of assembly like the kick ass year 6's we were just made me love this post! Reading this on a Sunday definitely made my day a littler brighter. 

This post really hit home with me because i had a university place lined up and i decided not to go at the time. Here i am though years later doing an Open University course and educating myself in my own time. This post was super inspirational as Jemma showed us that it's not the end of the world leaving university and she's a pretty damn good blogger so she should be super proud of all she's achieved. Proof that if you're not enjoying something you can totally change that!

This video from Rich made me super proud of him. I love following his journey and this video was just great. Telling OCD to F off is going to be a compilation of all the times Rich has beaten his OCD, no matter how small the victory may seem, it's a giant step for some. Super proud of him, and i'll be keeping up to date on all of his little achievements.... even if he does support Millwall.....

There are many more blog posts and videos i've read and watched lately but these were some that really stood out to me. Go show them some love!

Who are you showing some love to this week?



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  1. aww thank you so much! I am glad you enjoyed my post and you found it funny! I also love Rich's YouTube and Jemma! They are some of my favourite people, I am honoured to be in a post with them xxx


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