10 July 2016

Protecting My Damaged Hair During Washing

Everybody knows i'm a sucker for dying my hair different colours. If you don't already know, my hair is naturally blonde but i have been every colour you could think of... Blonde, Brunette, Red, Pink, Purple, Lilac, Silver, Light Grey, Platinum/White and now finally landing on Dark Grey for a little while. This month my monthly challenge is to look after my hair more so this is the perfect opportunity to discuss how my hair washing routine is trying to help me with this challenge! You can read my July Challenge post here! 

As you would imagine, bleaching and dying my hair constantly is not the best thing in the world. Maybe this is why my hair has always been short, because it can't handle all the damage i seem to enjoy putting it through. I also use my hairdryer religiously and although i've cut down on my straightener usage, they still get a good run during the week. Scary stuff right? Bleach damage followed by heat damage....

So how do i keep my hair in relatively good condition after all this damage?

Well, first things first, washing my hair needs an amazing shampoo. What better thing than Lush's Jason and the Argan Oil Shampoo Bar? It's an argan oil packed shampoo bar which foams up lovely and smells like Rose Jam. Amazing right?... I've read reviews on this shampoo bar before and a lot of people have said it sends their hair pretty dry straight after using it. I thought this when i first started using it as my hair felt very squeaky clean and was a little rough after rinsing the shampoo out but i found once i'd dried my hair it was a straight and smooth as it had ever been and i'm glad i stuck it out. 

It's only £5.95 per 55g and i've found that this lasts super long as well and you really don't need to spend ages using it as it foams up loads rather quickly. It's also part of their naked range so there's no excess packaging. My only issue with this product is that when you do get down to its last few uses, the bar becomes really flimsy and tends to break up making it more difficult to use. Sad times.

The second part of my hair washing routine is the Bleach London Reincarnation Mask. This hair mask comes with the Bleach London White Toner and the Bleaching Kit but you can also buy it separately if you want too. Now, this is meant to be a hair mask that you use when your hair is in need of a pick me up but because my hair needs constant loving, i use it as a conditioner whenever i wash my hair. 

This mask is enriched with Sunflower seed extract and micro wheat proteins to make your hairs elasticity better which is great for heat and bleach damaged hair. I tend to leave this on a little longer than usual conditioner and i've found that no matter how much i use, it never weighs my hair down or causes it to go greasy. Honestly, it's changed my life. 

At £6 for 200ml it's great because a little really does go a long way and as it's available at Boots, you can usually pick this up under offer or use your Boots points to purchase it. 

Currently, i'm trying not to damage my hair anymore, since dying it dark grey i've realised my roots won't look as bad when they start growing out so hopefully i can leave it a little longer before i go at it again but this routine will not change for a long time for me because it works for me. 

Here's to trying to grow long luscious hair! What's your favourite haircare products currently?




  1. Those solid shampoo bars from lush look very interesting, i definitely need to pick up a couple. x


    1. Yeah i love them! didnt think it would be as good as it was!xx


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