01 June 2016

Let's Try To... Be Happy!

Hello June! Another month, another monthly challenge. Despite the weather being miserable outside recently i've decided there's only one thing i want to do this month....be happy. 

This will be my sixth challenge since i started my monthly challenges of this year - where has this year gone?! I'm still enjoying setting myself monthly challenges but i've got a bit out of step with blogging and life kind of got on top of me. 

So, let's try to be happy. 

Here are a few things that make me happy;

- Watching my favourite cheesy show (cue Hollyoaks & Made in Chelsea here...).
- Taking a really good Selfie.
- Dancing around the room when no ones home to my favourite music.
- Spending time with old friends and new.
- Having loads to blog about!
- Curling up on the sofa with a cup of tea.
-My PJ's. 

No matter what makes you happy, whether it's big or small, weird or completely normal. Just go for it, have fun and be happy. That's what my June is going to be all about!

How are you spending your June?



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