05 June 2016

Dear Diary...

Let's catch up. 

I've been feeling slightly out of the blogging loop lately. Being uninspired to write and being really unsure what i can write about. I'm sure there's a million different things and subjects i could write all day about but right now, i have no idea. Here's hoping i get a little more creativeness flowing over the next few weeks. I keep seeing all of these amazing posts from amazing bloggers i know and right now i'm just sat in my pj's doing nothing and i'm finding it really difficult to be motivated to write. 

I've really fallen out of my flow of being organised. After writing in my planner almost religiously for the last few months, i've kind of forgotten about it recently. I'm really pushing myself to keep going through and have just updated my shifts for the next couple of weeks so here's hoping i remember to use it going forward!

I also found out this week that my brother and his girlfriend are expecting a baby! So i'm going to be an auntie! Something which i never thought i'd be saying, at least not yet in life! I'm super excited though - this means more trips back to Scunthorpe planned for the future and a hell of a lot of my money spent on cute baby outfits!

I did pass my 3rd university essay for this module despite it confusing the hell out of me. My tutor really understood that i was unhappy with myself for getting a lower score than before but it means a lot that he's confident i'll out do myself on the next one and be back to the scores i'm used too. It makes me so happy to be learning and working towards a degree. 

I also took my first steps towards driving lessons after putting it off for 8 years! Watch this space!

I accidentally haven't been to the gym in SO LONG. I'm super disappointed in myself. I stopped because of a swollen and bruised hip and because of work and university commitments, i didn't have time to go. Now i feel like because i haven't been i'll be rubbish when i go back and won't be able to get through a full class. I do have 6 days off work now so i think i'm going to slowly get myself back into it. 

On another note, i haven't been sleeping well lately. The walls of our flat are so thin and my neighbours living rooms surround the bedroom and so i can hear them talking and walking around. It's torture. I am not one of those people who can sleep through anything, it has to be deadly silent and pitch black for me to be able to sleep. If i can hear them, it makes me so angry and frustrated and i'm awake half the night. This is not doing me any favours. Here's hoping it will kickstart me into saving loads more for a house!

How are you feeling lately?



  1. Oh no i'm sorry to hear about your flat noise, i'm fortunate in that my place is quiet most of the time, but I know I would certainly hate it if it wasn't! They should design flats so that neighbours rooms are next to the same type of room as yours, as a bedroom next to a lounge is just asking for trouble! Congratulations to your brother and his girlfriend also! x
    Amy at Amy & More

  2. I know right i hate the layout of these flats! Hopefully it will push me to save money to buy somewhere!xx

  3. I really hope you will be fine soon. All the best :) <3

    Jillian - www.cupofcharisma.com


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