29 June 2016

Being Proud of Me.

Last year i set myself 30 goals to achieve before i'm 30. Yes i still have 4 and a half years to achieve them but i feel like i've come so far in the past 9 months since setting them and i'm really proud of some of the things i've achieved. Sometimes it helps to shout about the things you are proud of. So i'm here to celebrate being proud of me.

Blogger Events
Previously i had only attended one event thrown by Rhianna, a fellow blogger and all round pretty amazing person, which was a meet up in leeds. I met so many lovely people and have seen them several times since. Since i set myself that goal i have been to events created by some amazing Sheffield bloggers,  Icelolly.com and Sheffield Centertainment to name a few. I've been give some amazing opportunities and i'm proud of myself for not saying no and shying away. Here's to many more!

Although i haven't yet had any lessons, i've finally taken the plunge and booked an entire 10 lessons in one so i can't chicken out. This is a huge deal for me as i've been able to start learning since i was 17 but put it off because i feel awkward around other people, especially a stranger teaching me to drive. I never felt i would be safe on the roads and i'm terrified of crashing or not being able to react in time. Let's hope for the best!

I joined the gym and started going regularly! It felt amazing and it's so relaxing to be able to be busy for an hour with your phone and other technology out the way. Working out makes me feel so good afterwards and i like to push myself at every class! Although a little break happened due to injury and studying, i'm back on it and more proud of myself than ever for sticking with it!

This is just a handful of things i am proud of myself for recently and i'm sure there are many more to come which i can share with you. Let's all be proud of our achievements!

What are you proud of yourself for?



  1. Driving actually terrifies me as I don't trust anyone else on the road when I'm driving around and I know how clumsy and silly I can be! However, I definitely wouldn't change it now, I love my little car and love being able to just potter around! Well done, I hope it all goes well :) xxx

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

    1. thanks chicken! I love driving now! sometimes its scary but i'll get there! :) xx


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