28 May 2016

Valley Centertainment Blogger Night Out!

I was a chosen one. By this i mean, i was lucky enough to receive an invite to the Blogger Night Out event at Valley Centertainment in Sheffield. Now, i work just across the road from this wondrous place and i often frequent the restaurants and the cinema. I'm also particularly reasonable at bowling come to think of it. It's safe to say i was excited about this event!

After meeting for a quick coffee in Starbucks with some lovely fellow Sheffield bloggers, we headed over to Hollywood Bowl where we were treated to half an hour of bowling. We were given stickers for our efforts and i even managed to get a strike (not that i'm competitive, promise). 

After bowling we headed across to Laser Quest. I've never been to Laser Quest before but boy i'm definitely going to be returning. We were able to choose a name for ourselves and then we were taken into a room to be fitted with the harness and gun. After that we were given 20 minutes to run wild and shoot at each other. Being in the dark and having people chase me, i thought i'd definitely be crying in the corner but i really enjoyed it. One word of warning, wear trainers and thin clothing. It's super warm and i left a lot more sweaty than i was when i went in! I came 4th so it was all worth it!

After running up an appetite, we headed over to Chiquitos for a cocktail and some food. I ordered a frozen Strawberry Daiquiri because i'm classy like that and needed cooling down from laser quest. For food i ordered three dishes from the street food menu and had a little bowl of chorizo, a bowl of meatballs and a mini classic burrito! They were yummy but a little too spicy for my liking! 

Once we had eaten we headed for a short round of crazy golf. We split up into teams and had 20 minutes to complete as much of the course as we could. No hole in ones for me but i enjoyed competing against the other lovely bloggers! You can see a whole post dedicated to the crazy golf course at centertainment here!

After tiring ourselves out at crazy golf we headed to Frankie & Benny's to sample a handful of their desserts. I've never been happier. Another cocktail ordered - this time i went to a creamy number called P.S I love you and we all got stuck in. I personally loved the lemon cheesecake and the profiteroles! 

The end of the night was seeing a film at Cineworld Sheffield however, i wasn't able to stay for the showing some of the bloggers headed to watch Captain America to finish the night. I was definitely too tired and too full to continue the night so i went home, got into bed and slept until well into the next day. 

I really enjoyed the bloggers night out at centertainment. There's so much to do and a little bit of everything so everyone can be happy no matter what food you like or if you prefer bowling to laser quest! Here's hoping there are more nights like this!


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