11 May 2016

Scunthorpe United Annual Flag Day!

If you don't already know, i'm from Scunthorpe. A little town in North Lincolnshire and although it's not the best place in the world, it's still home. Although i might not shout about it very often, i still do and always will support Scunthorpe United. I might not be able to get to the matches i will always always always follow the games on social media and in the news. Even if we don't make the playoffs or we aren't doing as well as we'd hoped, you won't see me turning my back. 

So it seems only fitting that when i was invited by a friend for the past couple of years to attend Flag Day back home i jumped at the chance. The event was held at Cafe Indiependent (where the majority of the staff are volunteers and absolutely amazing people) again for the second year running and was sold out! With the ticket came a free drink and a free portion of pie and peas! 

scunthorpe united flag day

Although i haven't tried the food yet (there's always next year right?) there was a selection of ales and beers to try but i accidentally ended up with an ale which smelt like feet so i wasn't able to finish that - it was just a little bit too much. I then discovered they were also selling Old Mout Cider in some great flavours so i got a little tipsy on that instead. 

Raffle tickets were sold for some great prizes including football shirts and the money raised (over £500) went to support Macmillan Cancer Support and from reading their Facebook page, a further £100 was raised from an auction of some donated football boots went to the Save our Steel fund. Live music from local bands played into the evening and everyone danced and was very very merry (me included) and the night went from there.

scunthorpe united flag day

Flag Day is one of my favourite days of the year as it's such a good evening/night out with friends and money is raised for such good causes. I look forward to it for ages so here's hoping i'm invited next year (hint hint people - i might even try the pie and peas...). 


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