08 May 2016

My Current Skincare Routine

Current Skincare Routine Featuring Lush No.7 Loreal

If you've read any of my previous skincare posts, you'll know i've been dying to find the ultimate skincare combination to combat my super oily skin but also not to dry it out too much. It's been hard work but i think i've finally found the right combination and my skin has never looked better! 

Following a recent event for Sheffield Bloggers at Lush, i was captivated by the face masks and after several amazing reviews from fellow bloggers i decided i would try out a face mask. Of course i couldn't just buy one thing, so i also bought some toner, two cleansers and some moisturiser/primer. They have changed my skin so much since using them and i am never going back! 

These two cleansers are my entire life right now. Having super oily skin i always feel i need to really make sure my face feels super clean at the end of the day. Once removing all my make up using a micellar water, i take a little bit of Dark Angels in the palm of my hand, add a little water and massage it into my skin. It's super dark and gets everywhere which i learnt the hard way, so be careful when using. Dark Angels is a hard scrub and really takes all the dead skin and grease which has built up during the day. I only use this at night because i find it's a bit too harsh on my skin to use in the mornings as well. 

Angels on Bare Skin is my go to morning cleanser. It's super soft and works the same way as Dark Angels - massage a little in the palm of your hand with water and rub all over your face. I find this cleanser is enough to clean my skin from the night moisturiser i use and oils which have built up while i sleep but not too harsh that it leaves my skin red and irritated for the rest of the day. 

After cleansing, i like to make sure my skin is toned and the toning water from Lush is perfect. A quick spritz onto my face and then wipe away with a cotton wool pad and it leaves my skin feeling soft and thoroughly clean but not dry or tight like previous toners i have used. 

Finally, to moisturise! I like to use the No.7 Essential Moisture moisturiser because i find if i use one for oil control, it really dries my skin out and then i end up with super dry patches which my make up sticks too which is not attractive or healthy looking. Using this No.7 moisturiser makes my skin feel really hydrated after cleansing and toning and puts some well needed moisture back into my skin. Even oily skin needs hydrating! 

Once this has been soaked in by my skin, i take a small amount of the Magical Moringa moisturiser and primer and rub this into the super oily bits of my skin such as my T-zone area. I don't use this all over as it's super mattifying and the areas of my face which tend to be dry such as my jawline and my cheeks don't take too well to more mattifying products so i leave these free of this primer. The texture of this is amazing for oily skin, it's a solid primer but when rubbed between your fingers it turns into an oil and then dries on your skin into a perfectly matte primer. Magic!

Lush Face Mask, Lush Primer, No7 Moisturiser

If my skin needs a little bit more of a pick me up, i always always always use Mask of Magnaminty from Lush. It contains peppermint which makes my face super refreshed and this mask is known for it's spot banishing quality! 

This combination of cleansers, toners, moisturisers and face masks have changed my life. No longer is my foundation running down my face by midday but i've found my skin looks healthier and i don't often need to wear full foundation. Result!



  1. I just couldn't get on with that tee tree water spray - it just completely broke me out. Glad it's working well for you though!


    1. thanks lovely! i guess its about finding what works for your skin :) xx


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