01 May 2016

Let's Try To... Live Life in the Moment!

I can't believe it's May already. Where is 2016 going? Another month brings another monthly challenge and this time it's to live life in the moment. I've been trying to set myself small challenges each month throughout the year rather than try to keep to a few New Years resolutions for a whole year because let's face it, no one does that anymore. 

This month i'm going to say yes to more opportunities. I often find myself stuck in a cycle of work, home, eat, watch tv and sleep. Then do the same again the next day. I will often say yes to things and then back out at the last minute because i'm scared or i feel i might get in later than usual and it will throw me off balance for the day. Crazy, i know but it happens. 

I cancel on the gym because i feel like i don't want to go and then i hate myself for it. I don't go for drinks after work all the time because i'm not 'dressed for it'. So this May let's say 'who cares?!' and start saying YES to more things without having to think about things for days or weeks beforehand or plan them into my diary to make sure i know what i'm meant to be doing. 

Let's do this! 

April Update - My goal was to get a little fitter. I did join the Gym & i'm still a proud member but towards ht end of the month i slacked off a little to the point where they sent me an email telling me they missed me. I tried though!

Do you have a challenge for May?



  1. I love the idea of setting yourself goals each month rather than a New Years resolution! Have
    you found it works better this way?

    kayla | daintydweeb.wordpress.com

    1. I think it does! If i can do something for 1 month im more likely to stick to it rather than the pressure of trying to do it for a whole year!



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