04 May 2016

About My Pink Hair....

My hair has been an array of different colours. I think they only colours i haven't been yet are Blue and Green. You name it - Ginger, Blonde, Red, Purple, Pink, White, Brown, Black, Ombré. Changing my hair is something i've done since i was younger and it's so easy to get your hands on all these different hair dyes and there's always new trends to try out. I figure, while i'm still young enough to get away with it, let's go crazy. 

I had always wanted to have lilac hair. Easier said than done though i'm afraid. In my search for pastel hair, i had to keep dying it BRIGHT purple so it would fade when i had washed it a few times to a lovely white/lilac colour but it never stayed. It just wouldn't go a nice lilac colour even with using all sorts of different hair dyes such as Directions & XXL Live colour. Nothing worked. So, then i decided i would let the purple fade out and live with it. 

That didn't last long. I went for a visit to Boots and came across the Bleach London Rosé Shampoo & Conditioner which deposits a little bit of a pink colour into your hair each time you wash it. So you can control how pink your hair is. If i use it every time i wash my hair, it stays a lovely pastel pink colour all over. If i decide i want to use it once a week, my hair fades to a white blonde with a hint of pink. It's super easy to use, just like a normal Shampoo & Conditioner but you just leave it on your head for a few minutes before rinsing. It doesn't smell like hair dye and it doesn't trash your hair like usual hair dye. 

These bottles are £6 each from Boots but if they have an offer on your can usually get 3 for 2 - They also do a silver shampoo and conditioner but i wish i could get my hands on more colours in this format because it's so much easier to use it this way than to sit with hair dye on your hair for the evening because you always miss parts! 

Have you tried Bleach London hair colours or do you have amazing pastel hair i can drool over?



  1. This looks lovely, I'll have to try out these think they'd look nice in my ombre for summer! I've tried the silver shampoo from the range and it's not my favourite one I've tried - I've also used the bruised violet shade from their normal line which I wouldn't recommend, within a week it had gone from purple to blue to green. I then couldn't get rid of the green for months!
    Rachael | helplesswhilstdrying.com

    1. I read that about some of the dyes and that your hair might go green! Luckily for me, my hair was okay with this stuff!xx

  2. This is such a nice, subtle shade of pink! The colour really suits you x

    1. thankyou! I'm loving the pink hair for summer!x


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