01 April 2016

My Bucket List: Revisited

On 1st October 2015, i wrote a post outlining 30 things i wanted to do before i turned 30. Since then i've kind of forgotten about that list and just continued about my everyday life. I've decided on the 6 month anniversary of writing said list, i will take a look at some of the things i have achieved.  You can read the full Bucket List post here if you want too! 

Attend at least 1 blogger event - I'm terrified of meeting new people and i always think people won't know who i am, or won't like me so it would be a big step for me to attend one of these but i'm going to go for it at some point!

Number 7 on my list was to attend at least 1 blogger event. Guess what? I DID IT! I have attended several blogger events since writing this goal and have met some lovely Sheffield based bloggers in doing so. I was so terrified of meeting people i didn't know but i've realised everyone is in the same boat and even if you make an idiot of yourself, at least you tried, right? 

Stop picking at my skin - Oh god this is horrible but i find whenever i have a spot i tend to scratch it or pick at it and it sticks around for longer. I will never learn. So by the time i'm 30, i want to have kicked that habit as it ain't a good habit to have!

This is awful i know, but for some reason it became habit and i was always made at myself for making my skin look terrible. Since the Lush bloggers event i have become obsessed with good clean and fresh skincare and have stopped picking at my skin all the time. I'm even trying to stop touching it altogether but one step at a time yes? Here's to good skin!

Save Money - I am awful at saving - see number 2 - this is why i have no savings towards buying a house. I want to be able to have security in case something goes wrong. Time to start saving! 

I recently got my annual bonus from work and in all the previous years i've received it i've automatically gone out and spent it all on clothes, make up, bath stuff etc and this time i've tried to be responsible. I've paid off my overdraft and the remainder of my credit card (debt is bad kids) and still have some left for emergencies. I call that a win. Now i just need to keep up the good work!

Most of the other goals will take longer than 6 months to reach such as learning to drive and buying a house among other things but i will get there!

Have you crossed off any of your Bucket List goals yet?


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