16 April 2016

Buffer, You Had Me At Hello...

I am a little late to the tweet scheduling party, i'll admit. I'm not a genius when it comes to blogging and i certainly do not know everything so when i started to schedule tweets i stumbled across TweetDeck and as i didn't know any better, i started to use it. Now, TweetDeck isn't awful - it does schedule tweets and does post them when they are set for but you have to set the time yourself and most of the pictures i wanted to use with my promotional tweets were too large to be uploaded. Cue a lot of frustration. 

Then i started seeing posts about other scheduling sites such as Buffer and Hootsuite so i decided to give Buffer a go.

Signing up it calculated what the best times were for me to schedule tweets for based on when i got the most interaction. It told me i could amend these times if i wanted too and customise when i posted, which was also a bonus. It let me sign up to my twitter page and my Facebook page so i could post tweets onto both platforms at the same time. I found scheduling posts so much easier with Buffer. It shortened the link and provided pictures for me to choose from based on the pictures in the post. So no longer was i having to condense my tweets in order to fit everything in but i didn't have to search for a photo to upload with the tweet at the same time! 

Before using Buffer my page views were not as good as i wanted them to be. For example, for the month of February i had 542 page views according to Google Analytics. In March, this increased to 930 page views and so far in April, i have had 613 page views which is a huge increase for me since i started using Buffer.  It's amazing what a good scheduling assistant can do!

Buffer - You had me at hello.

What do you use to schedule your tweets? 



  1. I use TweetDeck but I might have a go at buffer myself 😊


  2. I love Buffer too! I only started using it a month ago and it has definitely made a difference.
    Steph x.


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