27 April 2016

Blog At The Beach Event

When the lovely people over at Icelolly.com got in touch with me and asked if i wanted to be part of an event they were putting together, i immediately said yes. Then i freaked out that no one else i knew was going and almost didn't go but some of the amazing people i follow on twitter convinced me and i'm really glad i did. 

I met up with Kirstie from Short Lashes and we hopped on the train from Sheffield to Leeds for the event and arrived just before 12, when the event was due to start. We were greeted very warmly by the icelolly.com team members and were given a lanyard with our names on it so there were no awkward "what's your name again?' moments. We were also given an itinerary of what the day would bring and the best part? Two free drinks vouchers - one for a soft drink and one for an alcoholic drink!


After some mingling, we were offered a free drink and (obviously) i went for the alcoholic cocktail which i believe may have just been straight Tequila, but don't quote me on that... As the event was Mexican themed, we had an amazing Mariachi band perform a few songs. I've never seen a Mariachi band play in real life before so this was a treat - such enthusiasm and it definitely made me more relaxed!

Next we headed for some great talks by other bloggers and experts which were fascinating! Kirsten from Kooky Traveller  spoke to us about keeping yourself safe on the internet and it really opened my eyes to just how much information we do share about ourselves without realising it. There are websites online that can search for the information that everyone can see about you and sometimes it can be quite scary! Kirsten also discussed how important it is to have terms of use on your site and a privacy policy. There was a lot i didn't know but this talk was such a big help. 

Then it was lunch! Nachos, Nachos & Nachos! I love Mexican food! That is all. 

Food was followed by another talk about vlogging. As a very shy blogger i would never dream of vlogging and this was made evident by the experiment we were asked to try. Simply video yourself saying who you are, what you do and what you would vlog about. Watching it back makes me cringe so no, i don't think i will be making videos anytime soon!

The final talk was on making your blog work for you and making your content stand out among the many blogs and blog posts that are published on a daily basis. Sabina from Girl vs Globe - who is an absolute babe - told us to write for our specific audience. Write as though you're speaking to one person and not the whole internet. Of course it was filled with pictures from Disney's Frozen, so that was a bonus too.

On leaving we all won a prize which was taped the the bottom of our chairs, mine was USB stick which i did actually need, so that's always a bonus. Some lucky lady won a holiday - i wish that was me! We were also given a notebook (which i'll admit, i've already used!) and a free voucher for a box of photos from Cheerz - they print off Instagram photos if you didn't already know!

It was a great event and i loved meeting all those familiar faces that i see on Twitter all the time. It was well worth the trip to Leeds for!

Have you been to any events recently? What were they?


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  1. We're so pleased you enjoyed the event Beverley and hope you were able to take lots away from the talks and networking! Good to hear you liked the Mariachi band as much as we did and have already made use of some of our giveaways!


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