03 April 2016

Banish Those Weekend Blues

So, we all know what's coming. Back to work shortly and no more lie ins. It's dreadful and i'm not sure how i'll cope. Who wants to wake up at 7am in the morning after having days off work? Not you? Me neither! So here is what i like to do to banish those "why is my weekend ending, i might cry" blues;

  • Start the day with the best breakfast possible. Whether it's going out to a coffee shop and ordering everything they have on the menu or concocting your own amazing breakfast at home, you need to start the day right. It could even be pizza warmed up from the night before, you decide people.
  • Shower/Bath and be as indulgent as possible. A Lush bath bomb? Check. An amazing smelling body scrub? Check. I always save all my indulgent products for the day before i'm due back at work, they just make me feel so much better about the weekend coming to an end. 
  • Don't get dressed. Personally, i like to spend the last day of my weekend (or long weekend) by not getting dressed. Grab some PJ's and slippers and make sure they are the comfiest you own. I always have a certain pair of PJ's that i love to wear when i'm going no where for the day. 
  • If you do go out, do something different. Find a different route to go for a long walk on. See what's free to do in your area or go see a relative or friend you haven't seen in a while. Finding a new place to eat is always a good shout too. If you're not a homebody like me, doing something different will make it feel like you did something this weekend and switched up your routine.
  • Find a TV show to binge watch. Whether this is a Netflix season - thank god for House of Cards, Blue Mountain State and Once Upon A Time - or just something you missed during the week such as Raised byWolves, The Night Manager or The Last Leg then now is your time to catch up. Sit down, get comfy and watch away my friends. 
  • Cook with your significant other. Sometimes cooking or baking something together can make you feel like you've accomplished something at the weekend, even if it all goes wrong. So you burnt the food or you under baked the cake you made? So what. It's relaxing and rewarding all at the same time, without even having to get dressed. Do you see a theme here?...
  • Pamper yourself. I'm not just talking about having a face mask in the bath. Do your eyebrows and take your time. Hell you've got all day. Shape and Paint your nails for the week. Read a magazine in full and enjoy it. Do something for you and take your time over it is what i'm getting at. 
  • Make an uplifting playlist. Songs that make you want to dance or remind you of the weekend you just had are great. Put some headphones in and dance around your living room and enjoy your last day of freedom before returning to work! 

Is there anything you like to do on a weekend to banish those blues you feel about having to return to work? Let me know!




  1. PJ days and luxurious baths are the way forward! <3

    1. Yes! every sunday for me is a PJ day unless i REALLY have to go out..... x

  2. YES I love this post, definitely going to start having indulgent baths on Sundays!

    Lilies and Lipbalm

    1. thanks!! Yes, my sunday bath is my all time favourite relaxation / pamper bath night! Just feels right to relax before work starts the next day!



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