10 April 2016

5 Emotions I Felt This Week

Sometimes, i don't think i talk about how i'm feeling - or have felt - enough. I'll usually have a little moan about being annoyed or tired but i've never really explained it fully or taken the time to write it down to let it all out. So here is how i've been feeling this week and why. Just a little reminder to myself to take time to write down my emotions and not keep them bottled up!


I joined in my first twitter chat in ages and it felt so good to finally get out there again and chat to new people. I love reading other peoples answers to the chat questions and it always feels really positive when people interact with answers i've given! I must remember to join in more but i'm always super busy these days!


I recently started fitness classes and signed up to the gym to get myself motivated to be a little fitter. For April i set myself a challenge to get a little fitter and i'm doing just that. Doing my second body combat class and not feeling as tired and achey as i previously did afterwards gave me the determination to want to continue to go! 


I always, always always get behind on my university work. I say i will keep up to date with it or get slightly in front and then i have a busy week and i get behind. I have my second essay due this week and i haven't started it. I know i won't have time to do this until the weekend but thinking about it when it's mid week is really worrying me. I know, i know, it will all be okay in the end - it always is. 


I never thought i'd say i ever felt confident in a room full of people i didn't know but attending a Sheffield blogger event where i spoke to people i'd never met before and had a catch up with people i'd only met a handful of times made me feel amazingly confident. Usually i'm quiet and i don't say much until i really get to know someone but i was laughing and joking along and was really really proud of myself! 


Between work, gym, home life and blogging it became harder and harder this week to have a sit down to myself. I didn't even manage to treat myself to a Lush bath that i'd been waiting for! Making time for everything can sometimes mean i'm rushed off my feet and so i've been finding myself super tired around 8/9pm recently....but weekends are made for sleeping right? 

& on that note.... Zzzzz.

How have you been feeling this week?


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