22 March 2016

Travel Diary: Rome

Anyone who follows me on any kind of social media will know i recently visited Rome. I booked it last year as a surprise birthday holiday for Owain as he was turning 30 this year! Best girlfriend award goes to...Me! I wasn't awfully familiar with Rome as a holiday destination. I knew about some famous sites to see but i wasn't aware of them all so it was a lovely surprise when taking a walk through the beautiful city to stumble upon the ancient ruins and read up about them (all while munching on some pizza or gelato because, you know, when in Rome). 

On the first day, we arrived and i immediately fell asleep at the hotel. It had been a long day with hardly any sleeping the night before and as soon as i saw bed i was gone. It was the best sleep ever. On waking, we wandered into the city and had a browse into the early evening. We people watched and saw fountains and art galleries and got a real feel for the city. 

The second day, we decided we would walk to the colosseum and on the way we found the Pantheon, the Roman Forum and then onto the Colosseum. We took pictures of some amazing ruins and buildings, We saw the place where Julius Caesar was assassinated and all of it was amazing. As you can imagine!

The third day, we wandered to do some shopping as it was a Saturday and we didn't want to risk the shops being closed on the Sunday. I picked up a Wall-E mug from the Disney store (mostly because it's yellow but also because Wall-E, right?) and Owain bought a Roma football top because, MAN. In the evening we wandered up to the Spanish Steps and looked out over views of Rome from the top and then in the evening we visited the Trevi Fountain and then onwards for some food. 

On our last day, we decided to wander up to the Villa Borghese which was a beautiful park with lots of activities happening as well as an amazing view over Rome. We wandered through the park and had coffee and did a lot of people watching. Then later we headed to St Peters Square to experience this. It was a lovely serene place and i bet it's even more magical in the dark. 

Overall, it was an amazing holiday steeped in so much history and although there was a lot of walking and it really tired my little legs out, i wouldn't have had it any other way. Next time, maybe a beach holiday is in order!

Have you visited Rome? Did you love it too?



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