17 March 2016

Throwing it back, Thursday!

Every so often, i have a rumble around through some old photo albums on my laptop to see what sort of absolute gems of pictures i can find and for some crazy reason, i like to share them with the internet (when i definitely should be doing some university work....). Another Thursday made me delve into my old Myspace page. I know, I know, this could be the best and/or worst thing i have ever done. I feel like i need to also explain my feelings about these photos, so here goes...

I feel this was one of my most used faces for pictures back in the Myspace days. I wasn't a fan of smiling and i still do not like smiling in photos but for some reason, i think this photo just summarises my personality in one. Also, look how good my skin looks. So jealous of past me.... 

This looks like the aftermath of something very strange and i have completely forgotten what was happening in this moment. Except for the fact i seem to be straddling my friend. Super loving my shiny hair though. Why is it not this shiny now?! 

SWEET JESUS. I was definitely trying to grow out my fringe at this point and i suppose you never really understand how bad things like this are until you look back years later. Nice one, Bev. 

One of my first ever visits to Sheffield and by the way, i LOVED this dress. I bought it from a market stall in Covent Garden and i really wish i still had it. 

I am also a princess on my birthday. Deal with it.  Apparently, when i was younger i looked like i was into the 'no sleep, hard drugs all night' kind of look. Also, this is still my go to pose for most photos. 

This was about the only Throwback Thursday photos i could manage from my previous Myspace. Maybe my old school photos will show up in the next few weeks. We'll see - this is about all i can handle right now. 

FYI - My Myspace name was Thexsandtheos. I was SUPER COOL.

Do you have some amazingly awful Myspace pictures as well?


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  1. Great post, I do have some cringey Myspace photos but I am hoping that they will never been found.



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