15 March 2016

My Little Bubble Box

Oh, My Little Box! I know it's only March but i think it's safe to say, this is my favourite box so far this year. I'm only hoping they keep up the high standard they are setting themselves! I returned home from Rome to a Royal Mail red card (sigh!) to say they had tried to deliver it the day i went away, typical. Once i collected it from the Post Office, i was straight in there having a look around at what the theme of the box was this month. I was not disappointed. 

This month is the My Little Bubble Box. Full of spring colours to brighten up this miserable rainy day i seemed to have arrived home to. As i opened the box, i was greeted with a ballon that said 'Be Wild' on it. Now, i'm not a big balloon person; i'm not a fan of blowing them up and i hate it when they eventually pop. I'm also unsure as to why we would need one single balloon. but the thought is lovely...So let's leave that there. 

I noticed a small box and rushed to open it. Inside was a mini sponge similar to that of the beauty blenders around at the moment. Just my luck because i've actually lost mine! This is perfect for my teeny tiny face and i can see me getting so much use out of this - i'll just have to try not to use it. It came in bright pink so i'm sure that will help. It feels nice and firm and has a lovely pointy tip which is perfect for getting into the sides of your nose and all those other tricky to reach parts!

The next product i came to was the Pschitt Magique facial spray. Apparently, it's a facial peel in a bottle which you simply apply to skin, rinse and then voila! It's meant to brighten, smooth and revive skin for a soft glow which with spring (apparently) coming up, this should be right up my street! It comes out in a foam and as you rub it into your skin it turns into a creamy texture. It does smell a little on the chemical side but as it's a facial peel, i suppose that's to be expected. It did leave my skin feeling soft and rather moisturised and as for the glow? My skin did look a little more hydrated and smoother. Only time will tell if it stays this way!

Now i love a good mascara. My eyelashes are my favourite feature to enhance so when i saw they has included a small Givenchy mascara in this month's box i was overjoyed! The packaging of the mascara is super fancy and textured and it's small enough to carry around in your bag for those after work and before the bar touch ups. The small wand makes it easy to apply and the large brush at the end captures all the eyelashes to give you that dramatic effect. Long live large eyelashes. 

A few weeks ago i was browsing Boots when i thought to myself i might need a new hairbrush but decided to leave that for another day - and by another day i mean after payday because... i'm broke. So i was really surprised when i opened this month's box to see this brush staring back at me. You can use it when blowdrying to create a smooth style, flip your head upside down and use it to create some volume and it easily goes through damp hair to remove tangles so you don't break or damage your hair. I love love love the seriously eye popping colour of i as well. 

& last but certainly not least, My Little Box's beauty range product which is a lip and cheek tint. The colour of mine was a purple colour in the pot but when applied to cheeks it left them with a flush of pink. On lips it created the same effect - a pop of colour but not an overwhelmingly noticeable shade. Great for if your having one of those 'no make up' make up days. Small enough to carry with you for touch ups too!

The box came with the magazine which they have finally gone back to the glossy paged magazine with more content than the fold out paper one and i'm so pleased. A little light reading each month. 

Overall, as i'm sure you've guessed. I'm loving this month's box. I'm hoping in the next few months as we head more towards summer that they continue to be as amazing as this one. 

What did you think?



  1. This box looks really awesome :) There are some lovely looking things included :D x

    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

    1. Yeah, i was really surprised at this box, i loved it! :) x

  2. I love this box, im so devastated that i had to cancel my sub, this is such a cute one =]


    1. Yeah, i think sometimes they surprise you with a great box! :) x

  3. never heard of the box before, but looks like a nice set of goodies :) Tania xx taniamichele.blogspot.co.uk


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