01 March 2016

Let's Try To... Be More Organised!

As you may know I've been setting myself small monthly challenges instead of New Years Resolutions this year and so far, I've done well. My last challenge was to eat healthier (read more about that here) which I think I achieved; I enjoyed a taster at Nourish on Sheffield and have been drinking more water and eating less takeaways. Result. Although the occasional takeaway does slip in there, I was proud of my change in eating habits. Hell, there was even a day when I felt so awake and motivated I considered going to the gym. I didn't go though, bed was calling - obviously.

This month I'm going to try and organise my life a little better. I'm always so behind on my university work, causing me to have to play catch up all the time. I hardly ever used a diary to note down everything I needed to do but since receiving a little gem of a diary in the My Little Box subscription box, I decided it was time to put it to good use!

It's no secret I'm not the most organised person in the world. My clothes are a decide in the moment type of outfit at 7am and I usually just put stuff in a pile where it doesn't live. I'm constantly trying to remember where things are and i have to keep reminding myself if i've already planned something before i say yes to something else. Let's change that. 

So here we go, let's start organising my life one month at a time and maybe I'll remember when I've made plans and actually turn up. Clothes may actually find their way into hangers in my wardrobe instead of folded in one big pile on the shelf. Maybe I'll also remember people's birthdays but I suppose that's what Facebook is for these days isn't it?

Are you setting yourself any challenges lately?



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  1. I think monthly challenges are a fantastic idea! Keeps you motivated and it's amazing what a difference doing something little and often can make. Inspired, thank you for sharing.



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