08 February 2016

Short Hair, Don't Care.

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. I want it to be long an luscious but as soon as it gets to my shoulders, it irritates my neck and i end up cutting it all off. When me and Owain received an invite to a wedding happening in June 2016, i made it my mission to grow my hair so i could have an array of hairstyles to choose from on the day. Turns out, it's harder than it looks to grow your hair, especially when you're me. Oops. 

I've had short hair since i was around 12/13 and convinced my mum to let me cut off my waist length hair to my shoulders and i haven't looked back since. I've always found that since growing up with shorter hair, i feel like it's more 'me'. Whatever that means. As i'm a short human, i think really long hair would drown me and make me look about 5 (which i already do but, hey!) and it often gets tangled too easy. 

Over the years, i've ruined my hair by dying it and not using heat protectant when i'm straightening or blowdrying it. My fault, i know but a girl don't got time for that. But i definitely should. In fact, i probably always had time for it, i'm just super lazy. So, i end up cutting my hair off short and for around 4 days i'll regret it, until i can't remember what i used to look like and then i love it. Take my hair now for example - when i got it cut this short i panicked. I hated it. It wasn't how i pictured it to be. Then i got my thinking cap on, gave it a beach wave and i fell in love. 

Not only is it healthier and i don't have split ends but it's a fresh start. I can grow my hair and look after it this time and then get it all cut off again. It's an endless cycle but it's my endless cycle and i love it. 

I'm a hair chameleon and i wouldn't change my ways for the world. 



  1. I used to always have long hair but recently cut it short and I haven't looked back since. I can't imagine having long hair again! :) xxx

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  2. I have a similar situation! I always grow my hair very long but I get bored, I see sleek shorter hairstyles that are easy to curl and style and I cut mine off again! I've just cut 4-5 inches off this weekend, and now I feel weird that it's shorter but I think, like you, I'll add a little wave to it and then I'll be happy again! The good thing is, hair always grows! :D

    Michelle -x-
    Sugardust & Starlight

  3. I got my hair cut to my neck about a year ago and I've never looked back, I've never loved my hair more! Short hair looks really good on you!! xx



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