18 February 2016

Nourish Sheffield - Spring Menu Taster

Recently, i was invited to an amazing Sheffield blogger event by the lovely folks over at Nourish to taste their new spring menu. Now, if you've read my previous post about my healthy eating challenge for February, you will know i've been trying to eat a little better so this opportunity came at the right time! Plus, attending more blogger meet ups and events is on my bucket list!

I met up before with some amazing Sheffield bloggers in Cafe Nero and after a little chit chat, we made our way to Nourish. I've never been in Nourish before and i wasn't 100% sure what sort of food they did and honestly, i was genuinely blown away. On arrival we were greeted with some samples of smoothies. A Strawberry Rhubarb Pie smoothie & a Berry Kombucha smoothie. Both were amazing, the first very refreshing and a great boost for the warmer months and the latter a total flavour sensation. 

After the smoothies it was time for some tasters of the menu! We had a few hot dishes and a few cold dishes and i still can't decide which was my favourite. To start was a Salmon Spring Superfood which was a concoction of some amazing tastes including Rhubarb which i totally didn't think i liked but it turns out it's not as bad as i thought! Next was a Duck 'Bang Bang' which i absolutely adored. Duck in a salad, i'd never have thought of this. The Rice Noodles in this dish made it such a different Salad experience for me. Bonus points there. 

Cue the hot dishes! Oh my days, i could eat this food until it came out of my ears. Even then i wouldn't stop. Here we tried Italian Meatballs on Baked Sweet Potato and jesus. I have never tasted a sweet potato so good. I've been missing out. Seriously, what have i been doing all my life?! This dish just screams eat me on a spring evening when the sun is just setting and it's just the right temperature to wear an oversized jumper and shorts. After this came the Beef Rendang, now i do love food but i wasn't too keen on the Malay Spices in this dish. Don't get me wrong, it was lovely just maybe not one i'm going to eat religiously myself. 

Another hot dish, Sweet Potato & Vegetable Masala. I love meat, i do. I also have a huge soft spot for vegetarian dishes, especially when they're as good as this. Who says vegetable dishes are boring? This packed a punch of taste with even more Sweet Potato! Delicious! The last of the hot dishes was my ultimate favourite and one i will totally be ordering more of in the future (and possibly trying to make my own at home. Yeah? Good.) - The Chicken & Red Pepper Tagine. Just Amazing. The flavour, the way the chicken melted in my mouth. 

I always walked past this place whenever i was in town and it never crossed my mind to go in. Now though, i'll be in there whenever i can. I wonder if they would consider just feeding me for life?... What i love about Nourish is that their menu tells you the nutritional value so you can always see how what you're eating may benefit you. That and they genuinely know and love what they do with a passion. We had a little Q&A session where we asked about nutrition and learnt about all the good they are trying to do for the community in Sheffield. Not only beautiful food but beautiful intentions too. 

Did i mention they also do dessert? Here's Louise's Dairy Free Blueberry Cheesecake. IT WAS HUGE. 

I'm definitely giving Nourish a big thumbs up and i will be returning to try EVERYTHING on the menu. It covers breakfast and dessert too. I'm there for it all. Have you tried this place? Do you love it as much as i do? 



  1. Ahh amazing post! It was lovely to meet you! We'll have to meet up for another Cafe Nero and chat soon... or we could go to Nourish?!


    1. Ha, totally im sure they'd love to have us back & yes, catch up soon! :) xx


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