28 February 2016

No.7 Skincare Range

I am having a nightmare with my skin lately. For some reason, it seems to be working overtime on the producing oil, turning my face into an oil slick approximately 30 minutes after applying makeup. Honestly, it looks like i'm sweating and i'm trying everything i can to change this. A change in my eating habits, a change in my water intake and even a change in my skincare routine. 

I used to swear by the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser and i still do, my skin feels so clean and refreshed after i use it but it did nothing for my oily skin which was a real shame. So browsing Boots the other day i came across No.7's entire skin care range and decided to have a cheeky purchase. It was after all, 3 for 2 and who can resist that?

I know my skin is oily/ combination from previous skin consultations and i probably should have gone straight for the oily/combination products but i wasn't hugely convinced they would work for me. I'd used oil stripping and mattifying products before so I went for a different approach; add moisture and see if this helps. A girl can try, right? I did go for the Oily face mask though, just in case!

I picked up the Beautiful Skin Cleansing Oil, the Beautiful Blemish Defence Serum & the Beautiful Skin Purifying Face Mask. 

The Cleansing Oil smells divine. You pump a few times into your hands and rub it over dry skin. It glides over skin perfectly and dissolves any make up in seconds. Add a small amount of water and the oil turns into a milk. I tend to do this a few times to get the oil all dissolved and then splash my face with some warm water and pat dry. This leaves my face feeling soft and super well cleansed without  trace of make up. 

After this, i use a couple of pumps of the Blemish Defence Serum and rub into my skin. This serum is very runny and it's really easy to over do it on the amount you put in your face but it leaves my face feeling smoother and more moisturised!

The Purifying Face Mask, i'm still trying to get to grips with. You apply to damp skin and rub in for a few minutes and i warms on contact. Perfect for opening pores and cleaning skin deep down. Then you let the mask sit on your face for a couple of minutes and rinse. I love how it feels when it's warming on my skin but it leaves a strange residue on skin which feels like a dry sheet. The first time i used too much of the mask, the second time i used a lot less and washed it off more thoroughly but the residue remains....

& do they work?.... 

They have slightly reduced my oil slick of a face but i think i still have a way to go with trying to combat it altogether, this is just one small step for me. 


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