21 February 2016

Music Makes Me Happy

Whenever I'm by myself you can usually catch me listening to Spotify. If I'm not in public, I'm usually dancing around the room to all kinds of music. It's just a hobby of mine. Good for stress relief and to get you moving. Not so good when you realise you're actually singing out loud, out of tune and for your neighbours to hear. Oh well, free concert for them. Sort of.

Recently, I've been listening to the same playlists, songs and albums on Spotify and I've realised that these certain songs make me unbelievably happy. They can lift my mood in an instant, that can calm me down, make me laugh and reminisce about people and moments. Music is just great all round to be quite honest. So here's what I've been loving recently.

Imagine Dragons - Night Visions & Smoke and Mirrors

This band are my life. Night Visions is such a good album and there isn't a song I don't like on there. I share my love of them with one of my good friends and we bonded over this band. I've seen them live at Leeds and I've been meaning to see them again at some point. Smoke and Mirrors is their most recent album and although I've only just got round to listening to it (bad fan I know but Night Visions was too good to stop) it's growing on me. Some songs are calm, others you can completely rock out too. There's something for everyone. Seriously, get listening!

The Vaccines - What Did You Expect

Having seen The Vaccines live twice this is an album I always always always end up going back too. It reminds me of times with friends and being younger. Again, I love all the songs on this album and can listen on repeat all day long. They do have a newer album but I'm not sold on that yet. It doesn't have the kind of absolute anthems that this album does!

90's/00's Throwback Playlists

Sometimes if I'm in a nostalgic mood and I'm not sure what artist to search for I'll go looking for a playlist for either 90's or 00's. Shuffle the songs and listen as it takes me back to my younger days. A little bit of destinys child followed by nickleback? Yes, this is an absolute guilty pleasure playlist and who doesn't love a bit of old school singalong (albeit on my own) to some classics you probably forgot about. Amazing to put on at a party to get everyone in a good mood. Or to keep to yourself and  enjoy dancing around the room!

And my one guilty pleasure....

Les Miserables - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Sometimes when I'm feeling a bit down or need a pick me up, this soundtrack does the trick. Belting out 'Do you hear the people sing' can change anyone's mood for the better. There's sad songs, happy songs and some amazing powerful songs. The music is great and it always makes me want to go get tickets to watch the musical. Failing that I have the film recorded so I can sit back, relax and sing all the songs! 

What songs make you happy? 



  1. I am loving movie soundtracks right now! I can't stop listening to the Guardian of the Galaxy, Inception, Sweeney Todd and of course, Moulin Rouge ones. I've also been listening to a lot of Pinks old albums too.

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

    1. Yeeeeah, film soundtracks are perfect to listen too! :) Thanks for reading! xx


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