01 February 2016

Let's Try To... Eat A Little Better!

Hello February! Can you believe it's already February. IT'S CRAZY.  However, a new month equals a new challenge and this month i've decided to try and eat a little better. I always always say this and try it for approximately one week before giving up and binging on biscuits and kebabs. I know, i know, it's not good for my insides or my outsides, especially when i've been trying to hard with my skincare to banish bad skin. 

The thing that gets me the most is eating at work. I do try and attempt to make food to take to work with me so i can eat at least a little better but it's so time consuming and the entire world must know how lazy i am! What ends up happening though is i'll wander across the road to Mcdonalds or KFC, telling myself it's a one time thing and it doesn't count but this happens far too often for my liking at the moment. Not only is it taking it's toll on my health but also my bank account too. I'm super poor because i like to eat my money away! Sad face. 

So, February is time for healthier eating - i say healthier because i can't go full healthy, i think i'd cry. I need the occasional takeaway to keep me sane. Right now, i tend to plan what meals we're having on what days and it does kind of work well. I think my main issue is eating during the day. So let's do this. Cue making food for work and not relying on fast food to cure my hunger pains. 

If you have any tips or posts on how to eat better then link them below!

See how i did at the end of February! 


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  1. I make my lunch the night before which makes it a lot easier to stop snacking at work. I also make sure I have something to do on my lunch break - like reading, watching something on Netflix or going for a walk - these distractions take up my lunch break so I can't pop to the shops. I wish you all the best!x


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