14 February 2016

I Believe In.. Me.

I believe in me. It's not often i'll say that. Usually, i am filled with self doubt and bad thoughts about trivial things like my appearance, my voice, my height etc.  Only the other day i was moaning on twitter about how different i feel i look in photos compared to what i see in the mirror. It was definitely some sort of a crisis for around 10 minutes until i forgot all about it and decided i'm great. 

It's scary how quickly i can go from standing in front of the mirror feeling totally kick ass and sexy as hell to having someone take a picture of me or catch a glimpse of myself from an unflattering angle and all of those good thoughts come crashing down. Truth is i compare myself to others more than i should. I see people wearing gorgeous lipstick and make up but when i do my make up, it looks nothing like what i saw and then i'm back to being self deprecating and down right miserable. 

So enough is enough. I've decided to stop comparing myself to others. Yes, that girl across the road might have amazing eyeliner skills which i can never master but my eyelashes are huge and i've never felt the need to wear fake eyelashes. Maybe i just want to order a damn cup of tea at Starbucks instead of some complicated order that i can Instagram on Monday mornings. I am short and i am proud and i don't care if i'm in a room full of tall people or if i get ID'd everywhere i go. I don't mind if you have several degrees and had the time of your life at University because it was the best thing you ever did.  I didn't go to University and i currently don't have a degree yet but guess what, i don't care because that's what i chose for me and everything seems to have worked out okay. I have a nice flat, an amazing boyfriend and great health. I don't want for much and i can provide for myself if i need too so who cares what i look like really?

Not looking like someone else does doesn't mean you're not absolutely stunning yourself. Not being as smart as your sibling doesn't mean you're stupid. Not being into fashion doesn't mean you don't dress well. Not wanting to go out every weekend doesn't make you boring. 

No longer will i buy clothes based on what looked good on someone else. No longer will i do my makeup based on what looked good on someone else. No longer will i do things i don't want to do because they are considered 'cool'. I am me and i'm okay with that. 

I believe in me. 


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  1. This is a lovely post. I can relate to a lot of things you wrote on here! :)


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