05 January 2016

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

I'm a NARS Virgin. Or at least, i was. I've always seen reviews of the foundation and everyone seems to use it in tutorials. I've always admired the way everyone's skin looks with it on but i'd never had the urge to buy it, until recently. I'm blaming Owain, who decided to take me into John Lewis where i had to walk past the counter...

I browsed the counter and had already decided which foundation i wanted to try before i'd even checked to see if they do it in my shade. I wanted the NARS Sheer Glow foundation. I had no idea what shade i was and there was no one at the counter to help so i gladly had a browse myself and decided that i was definitely the palest of the pale and chose the shade Siberia. As there was no one at the counter and i waited a good 15 minutes (SAD FACE) i had no more patience to ask them to match me to a foundation to make sure it was the right shade so i went ahead and bought it. I also had to buy a pump because i knew from previous reviews, it did not come with a pump. I also picked up some Oil Free Primer at the last minute because, i wanted to make sure it had the best base so i got the most out of the foundation. 

I mentioned i waited for 15 minutes before anyone came to let me pay for my purchase. I'm guessing it was busy because it was just before Christmas that i bought it and she slipped me in two free cleansing waters - one for face, one for eyes - so i was very impressed with that. 

First impressions of the foundation, it is really very pale and with quite a yellow tinge. I thought it would really show the yellow when i had done my full face but it didn't, it kind of sunk into my skin and you couldn't tell it was slightly yellow at all. Either that or i am actually yellow all the time.... I was expecting it to be harder to blend than it was like the Estee Lauder Double Wear, which sets really quickly so you have to be fast but the NARS Sheer Glow went on really easily and i didn't have any problems blending this. 

Now, I have combination oily skin and i know this foundation states it's for dry skin however, i'd seen a lot of reviews where people had said it sticks to every little bit of dry skin. I'm unsure of my reasons for buying it but my skin isn't usually dry unless i have blemishes but as long as i moisturise well, you can't tell. I found the NARS Sheer Glow didn't stick to any parts of my face at all and i was really impressed with the overall look. 

In terms of how long the foundation lasts, usually i will get halfway through the day and my foundation will be long gone because of my oily skin but recently while using the NARS foundation, i've found it lasts much longer. Not all day on me but a good few hours more than usual. That's not the foundations fault though, my skin has always been like this with make up and it just slides off after a while. 

The coverage is really buildable and it doesn't tend to look cakey at all. I wouldn't necessarily say the cover is sheer as the name suggests as i can definitely see i have a full face of foundation whenever i wear it. 

So, apart from the fact it does not come with a pump, i'm very surprised i've managed to find a pale coloured, long wearing and easy to blend foundation with great coverage, even if the price tag is a little high. Would i buy it again?, Yes, Yes i would.



  1. I love Nars products, especially Nars radiant creamy concealer which is amazing, I've heard loads about this foundation, i'm using Armani luminious silk at the moment but I did have a dilemma over which to get out of the Armani or Sheers glow!

    Shelise xx | SHELISES WORLD

  2. I love the sound of this foundation! I have their tinted moisturised & love it, although the shade still pulls a little dark for me at times even though I have Finland, which was the lightest in the range when I bought it. I don't use foundation often, but when I'm next in the market for a new one I'll definitely be checking this one out! I also wouldn't worry too much about not getting matched, I tried a sample of the tinted moisturiser before it came out & the colour was definitely too dark for me but it was the one the counter assistant tried to match me to! I'm glad I stuck to my guns & refused it for the lighter shade. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks


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