30 January 2016

A Morning Person... Me?

In case you had missed it, I started a monthly challenge for every month this year instead of setting myself New Years resolutions. My first challenge for the month of January was to try to wake up earlier and if you want too, you can read all about it here. If you know me, you would know waking up early is not something i'm good at, no matter how hard i try. Just today, i woke up at 1:25pm but in my defense, i had been out last night!

So how did i do? Well, not very well as you could probably imagine. I started by trying to set my alarm a little earlier in the mornings. The first week went well, i woke up earlier during the week and then at the weekend, i woke up super earlier than i ever would have. Then it started to go downhill and i have to say, i am no ashamed one bit. I would rather have a little snooze when i want too than force myself to wake up early and end up regretting it all day. 

I am going to try to continue to get out of bed when i wake up though, rather than turn over and go back to sleep. You never know, i might be converted into an early riser at some point this year. For now though, i'm pleased that i tried because after all, it's not the winning that counts right? Seriously though, any tips for being a morning person are welcome....

I'm ready for February's challenge now! 



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  1. Haha I need to find the answer to this as well!! I do think it totally depends on when I went to bed, if I'm in bed at a good time then I can get up early!

    Jasmin Charlotte


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