10 January 2016

Liz Earle Skincare

Finding the right skincare for me has been a big part of the last 6 months. My skin is super oily and none of the anti oil skincare i buy makes any difference. By lunchtime, my makeup is a oily mess and  it's not attractive. Googling what oily skin needs is about as much use as a chocolate teapot. Some say you should totally put more oil onto your skin and hydrate it so it doesn't need to overcompensate with more oil production and some say use products designed for oily skin which strip the oil because that will help calm down oil production. 

So you see, i wasn't 100% sure how to approach my skincare but i'd heard great things about Liz Earle so i decide to pick up one of the skincare starter packs. This includes the Hot Cloth Cleanser, Deep Cleansing Mask, Instant Boost Skin Tonic and Light Moisturiser. It also comes with a muslin cloth and some sponges for the mask. This was around £26 before christmas so i thought what better way to introduce myself to the brand than to try a little bit of everything.

I had never tried any of the Liz Earle products before but i have to say i was seriously impressed with the Hot Cloth Cleanser. So much so that i went out and bought a full size one shortly after i started using it. It's around £20 for a full size one but it lasts a while so i feel because it works for me, it's worth every penny. Not only has it cleared my skin up so that my make up goes on better but it's slowed down oil production during the day which is a huge bonus for me. 

The tonic and the moisturiser do nothing for my skin though as i've found the current toner i use to be a lot better for my skin than this one and the moisturiser feels too greasy and wet on my skin. The Deep Cleansing Mask is great for a little skin treat every so often but i feel like i'm still searching for the right face mask...

My skin currently feels so much more hydrated and plump since using the Hot Cloth Cleanser and stepping up my skincare routine and i'm not looking to change it any time soon. Let me know of any face mask suggestions for a good deep cleanse!



  1. I have the hot cloth cleanser which I haven't tried yet it's been sitting in my cupboard! I've heard all good things about it though and I also have oily skin, I'm definitely going to try it this week and see how it works for me!

    Shelise x | SHELISES WORLD

  2. Also I use the body shop Tea Tree face mask which is amazing! SHELISES WORLD

  3. I couldn't get on with the hot cloth cleanser at all! I just didn't feel clean after it and it didnt do anything for my skin :(

    Corinne x



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