05 January 2016

Lets Try To... Wake Up Earlier!

This year, i wasn't really wanting to really have any resolutions except a few which i have kind of being doing already throughout 2015, i just figured it would be easy to keep to them and not so much of a change in the New Year that i would just give up altogether by February. 

So here's the deal... Each month i'm going to set myself a challenge. Something simple but a change no less. I feel like doing when something for a full month, you either know if it's going to be something you can keep up with or if you're going to try and pretend it never happened. 

This month's challenge - yes, i know i'm a little into January but WHO CARES! - is to wake up earlier. If anyone knows me, you will know i love my sleep. Love it, love it, love it. Even if i wake up early on a weekend i will ALWAYS turn over and go back to sleep. It's becoming a really bad habit but it's always been something i've done. Time to change (or at least try, am i right?!)...

Reading a post by Sophie about waking up really early and how it changed her lifestyle and feeling towards mornings (you can read that here!) i figured i'd give it a go. Reading Sophie's post made me realise there is so much more you can do with your morning than just running around trying not to be late. Unlike Sophie, i will not be setting my alarm for 5.30 but i feel 7am when i have to leave for work at 8:10 is a good start! Granted i may not have a full month to get myself into the habit of waking up earlier but i'm hoping a slightly earlier wake up call helps.

Waking up earlier will give me time to wake up properly, have a cup of tea while actually relaxing instead of running around like a mad woman. I might actually be able to take my time with my hair and make up and still get to work on time. 

Keep an eye out for my end of the month update. This might be painful. 



  1. Sadly for me, a 6am start is the norm as an A Level Student! :( It's great that your setting a challenge for yourself every month; I have so many resolutions and by setting a goal each month, I might just achieve them! Thanks for the idea haha x

    1. Thanks for reading :) I thought a year was too long to stick to something! x

  2. Ahhhh I can't believe you mentioned me in your post lovely! I'm so glad it's given you an idea though, keep us posted how it goes! ;)

    Soph x

    1. So happy you read it lovely! :) thanks! xx

  3. Absolutely love this idea. I might in fact do the same thing. This month my challenge will be to eat some more fruit.

    Sarah's Abode -xx

  4. I really need to make this one of my goals for this year aswel, I love sleep I could sleep all day I have to set an alarm most of the time so I don't!

    Shelise xx | SHELISES WORLD


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