01 January 2016

Hello, 2016!

Welcome to a new year. 2016, wow - even just saying this makes me feel old. I'll be 26 this year. Time really does go so fast. A new year always calls for those new years resolutions that we all inevitably break whether we mean to or not. I mean, who here can really give up chocolate for an entire year? Exactly. I feel like it's time to take a look back to last years resolutions to see if i managed to keep to any of them. I actually forgot about my resolutions around the February mark but you never know, i may have unconsciously kept to some! So here goes...

My 2015 New Years Resolutions were; 

  • To drink more water
  • To save money
  • To take my makeup off before bed EVERY TIME
  • To keep active
  • Look after my hair more
I can safely say that i did try and drink more water, until the weather got cold and i became reliant on hot mugs of tea. Drinking cold drinks in the winter season is just damn hard, it makes me too cold. Plus, we really got into loose leaf tea so naturally we had to experiment with different flavours and all of my time was taken up drinking tea than with water. Oops.

Did i save money? NOPE. I went to New York and then booked a holiday to Rome for March 2016. Bye bye money. I did think about saving money but in the end it was just not meant to be. I think a lot of saving money is having a goal and i didn't really have an end goal to the saving so i just kept spending it. I blame twitter, encouraging me to spend on some seriously amazing skincare and makeup. 

One thing i can safely say i did do is take my make up off before bed 99% of the time. Sometimes, a quick sweep with a face wipe was all i could manage before passing out after a night drinking everything but hey ho, at least the thought was there. This year, i got really into my skincare routine - trying out new products and finally understanding the cleansing process. I do think i have yet to perfect my skincare routine BUT i am happy i've managed to look after my skin more. 

Keeping active. That's a tough one. By active i actually meant going to the gym or running but that kind of fizzled out when it started to get cold. Who wants to run in the rain? I do however, believe i have been some what active because in my eyes dancing around your living room to playlists on Spotify really do tire you out so i suppose although i wasn't exactly active as i wanted to be, i did a little exercise ;). 

Looking after my hair is a tough one. I washed it everyday up until very recently when darker mornings are not my thing and i really wanted the extra time in bed. Dry shampoo became my best friend. So, you could say i did start to take better care of my hair. I trim it quite regularly and let it dry naturally most of the time. I feel when its longer i will need to do less in the way of styling but until then... I'm quite happy with how my hair feels at the moment. 

I don't think i did too bad last year, what do you think? 

In terms of this years resolutions, i wasn't going to make any but there are a few things i wanted to start doing more of this year;

  • To grow my hair and not get the urge to have it all cut off when it reaches just past my shoulders.
  • To find the perfect skincare routine and stick to it.
  • To concentrate more on my university course and not get behind with the work this year. 
Not much but i'm hoping this time next year i can look back and feel proud of how i did. Maybe these things will become second nature and i won't need to feel like i'm trying to keep to resolutions. 

What are your resolutions?



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