03 January 2016

A Knitwear Care Club

I have a good few knitwear and wool items of clothing so it's no surprise that i've been looking for a way to take care of them. Who wants to wear a skirt full of bobbles of material clinging to it? Not me. Over the years there have been countless skirts and jumpers which have been thrown to the back of my wardrobe because... A) I can't find a way to get rid of the bobbles that have accumulated and B) i can't bear to throw it away. Luckily, i now have a solution. 

George at ASDA have introduced a Knitwear Care Club which is a select group of people who are passionate about looking after their knitwear and wool clothing items all year round. Well, how could i turn it down. I wasn't really aware of how to look after your knitwear and i just treated them the same as i would other clothes. Boy was i wrong.

Looking after your knitwear doesn't need to be hard it could be as simple as reading the label before you wash it. Countless times i've shoved all my wool jumpers in the wash only to realise they have shrunk and it should have been washed on the lowest heat. Rookie mistakes. To help with my knitwear care, ASDA kindly sent me to following items to try and help;

  • A De Bobbler. - I feel like this is the best invention in the world and i cannot understand for the life of me, why i haven't come across this before. It's a little device which takes all of the those stray little bobbles off your clothes. I feel like once i've de bobbled all my clothes i'll feel like i've discovered a whole new wardrobe. Bonus. 
  • Scented Moth Balls. - At first i wasn't sure about these as i'd never heard of them and i had never had moths eat away at my clothes. When i opened them however, i noticed they smell so fresh and amazing that even if i don't need to keep the moths away, i can use them to freshen up my wardrobe and draws. If you do suffer from moth eaten clothes, these can help and will keep away the pesky clothing eaters so you can enjoy that amazing new cardigan you got this Christmas. 
  • A Lint Roller. - I love a good lint roller. I have used one for as long as i can remember. They are amazing to get all the hairs off your tights and i love wearing tights! Lately, my lint roller has lost its stickiness so to a brand new one was just what i needed! You can buy refills for them which is amazing and super convenient. 
In addition, they also let me pick out a few knitwear items from their amazing range of clothing (which you can browse here, believe me it's worth it). I chose two oversized cardigans for keeping me warm this winter and a jumper which is so soft! I always loved the George range at ASDA and i would recommend it to anyone who wants affordable but quality clothing. You can even pick it up with your weekly shop, handy eh?

How do you look after your knitwear? 


*This post was sponsored and in collaboration with ASDA


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