12 December 2015

Overcoming fears at the Leeds Xmas Meet

It's no secret i'm terrified of meeting new people but earlier this year, i made a list of 30 things i want to do before i turn 30. One of these goals was to attend my first ever event as a blogger. I had no idea it would happen this quickly or that i would actually go through with it.

I've never been an anxious person before. I was always excited to do new things and meet new people and i was never the quiet one when in group situations but lately, with blogging i always feel everyone else is far more experienced and so much more knowledgable than me, meaning it's completely scary to meet all of you. So it was a surprise to myself that i put my name forward and actually went! Let's be honest though, Rhianna at Robowecop (go check out her blog, it's crazy good) did an amazing job of helping me not to bail! She's a bloody sweetheart.

Christmas jumper on, I met up with some fellow Sheffield bloggers (Kathryn & Billie) and we got the train to a very windy Leeds! A quick stop off for a sausage roll and we were at The Black Swan for the event. Rhianna greeted us and told us what was happening and then we were left to mingle with everyone else. I really surprised myself and talked to a couple of people, that being Kathryn, Billie and the lovely Danielle and Jess.

We had the entire upstairs of The Black Swan and the bar was open for business. Cue a quick trip to get a Jameson's and Ginger Ale and things were in full swing. There was a craft table where you could decorate your own cupcake and be in with a chance of winning a prize! Lets face it, i have ZERO artistic talent and my snowman looked horrendous, but it was great fun.  The raffle had some amazing prizes and yes, i won some seriously cute notepads that i am going to be using ASAP as i've been after some pretty ones to write all my ideas in!

I didn't take many photos as i was still super nervous and super shy so i took some where i could and even though they're not the best quality, it reminds me that i challenged myself to go out of my comfort zone and so i love my poor quality, iPhone photos of this event!

Of course everyone chipped in to get Rhianna a gift for organising such an amazing event and she deserved all the praise. That girl is a diamond.

The gift bag was great as well with a whole range of things included, sweets, snacks and beauty products and i've been having so much fun discovering new brands i wasn't aware of, especially the Witch skincare!

Would i get myself to another event? Definitely! I think this has given me the confidence to know that i can talk to people i don't know and have a fun day and it's pretty great meeting all those people you see on Twitter and whose blogs and vlogs you stalk (i mean read/watch)...

If you have the chance to go to an event, even if you know no one - go. It's worth it, i promise.


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  1. Ahhhhhh Beverley I'm SO happy you came and I'm even more happy you had fun!! Need to see you again soon lovely :) xxxxxx

    Rhianna x


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