17 December 2015

Kelham Island Victorian Christmas Market

Last Sunday, me and my friend Adam decided it would be a good idea to visit the Kelham Island Christmas Market for a look around. Even having lived in Sheffield for 3 years, i've never been to this market and i wasn't even 100% sure i knew it existed. It's £6 for adults to get in and it covers the entirety of the Kelham Island Museum so, even if you're not sure you like the stalls, there's other things to look at too!

We arrived just after it had opened around half 10 and made our way around all the stalls. There were food and drink places - i got a Yorkshire Tea, go figure! There were also unique stalls selling things i had never seen before, including a lot of Sheffield and Yorkshire themed items. Anyone for a Little Miss Yorkshire Mug? I very nearly bought this but had to stop myself as i have a big love for mugs but i definitely have too many. Can you have too many mugs, i wonder? (the answer is no, if anyone is wondering...).

I only took a small amount of money with me as it fell in the middle of paydays and i would have spent a huge amount if i could have but i restrained myself. I feel so proud. After looking around the stalls, i realised that next year i would save some money so i could buy everyone little unique presents from the market as i saw so many things i knew people would love!

There was entertainment such as morris dancing and people dressed up in victorian outfits and sing alongs for the children. It took a few hours to walk around the market and it wasn't too busy that you couldn't see anything but it also wasn't too quiet. It was the perfect atmosphere.

All in all, it was a great unique experience! 



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